Jodie Davis

Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show

Jodie Davis
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Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show
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Deborah Poole doesn't like to stop and start any more than absolutely necessary when longarm quilting. She has developed a method to quilt patterns continuously. Deborah demonstrates how to quilt several types of pieced blocks, sashing, and a wholecloth block continuously. You'll also see examples of continuous straight-line quilting and learn about different kinds of tools that can be used to obtain straight quilting lines with ease.
New to quilting, Coleen Barnhardt wanted to get good at multiple quilting designs as quickly as possible. When one of her doodle quilts has been fully quilted, the next step is to color it in. Coleen demonstrates how she uses different shades of paint with an extender to blend the colors right on the quilt.
Heidi Stagno has developed a method to create quilted feathers in any direction so that she doesn't have to unload and reload the quilt she's working on from the frame. Heidi shows how she gets the parts of her feathers uniform. You'll learn how to avoid flat feathers or bubbly feathers, how to start feathers in a border to avoid problems later, and more.
Melissa Krushwitz demonstrates how she creates an all-over quilting design, a custom design for a pieced quilt, and a custom wholecloth quilt design in Handi Quilter software to later stitch out with the longarm machine.
Once the quilt is loaded on the longarm machine, what comes next? Deonn Stott shares tips on overcoming the fear of starting quilting with a longarm.
Straight-line quilting is a wonderful technique for beginners and goes well with a lot of quilting designs, but Jodi Robinson found it boring after a while. Jodi demonstrates adding asterisks, circles and other shapes to the lines as well as techniques to further break up the quilting space.
Frances Holliday Alford uses up her scraps by cutting them into smaller pieces and using a confetti-like technique to make fabric collages. See the process in several stages. Yarn couching further creates a landscape quilt. See how she does it.
Marie Eldredge shows a sampler quilt she quilted with vertical, curved and horizontal lines and various patterns quilted between them. Learn how the space left unquilted is just as important as the space that is quilted for visual emphasis.
Rulerwork is a wonderful addition to a longarm quilter's repertoire. Heidi Stagno starts from the beginning and demonstrates how to work with rulers for a variety of effects.
Create texture in your quilting with different battings, background fill motifs, traditional trapunto, shadow trapunto and more. Amy Van Gurp knows that quilts don't have to be two-dimensional, and she shares tips and tricks for creating unique quilting patterns for the same pieced quilt pattern.
Natalia Bonner demonstrates marking quilt designs on a quilt top, following the lines in a continuous border pattern, free-motion quilting feathers, and combining rulerwork with free-motion quilting for gratifying results. Then Marie Eldredge shares a few of her favorite rulers to work with and a couple of sampler quilts she made using a lot of those rulers in different ways.
11 Lessons
8  hrs 55  mins

This award-winning series from our partners at Quilting Daily features everyday quilters showing you the ins and outs of quilting by machine. Learn how to complement your quilt top with machine quilting, get tips for keeping your longarm in peak shape, and explore thread, rulers and more. We’ll have you “quilting it” in no time with this informative content from quilters like you.

Jodie Davis

Jodie Davis is a top TV host in the crafting world, shepherding an online network for quilters. She is the producer and host of “Quilt Out Loud!,” an off-the-wall lifestyle quilting show, and the author of numerous quilting and sewing books.

Jodie Davis
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