Jodie Davis

Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show Season 1

Jodie Davis
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Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show Season 1
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Kimmy Brunner brings a twist to traditional feathers. Her sample quilt has feathers quilted everywhere, in various shapes and size, and coupled with other elements such a cross hatching. Watch as Kimmy shows you how you can start with simple shapes and add to your skills.
Get ready to be amazed. Cathy Franks thinks out of the box when she steps into her longarm studio, and proves that you can do way more than just quilting with these fabulous machines. Use bits of fabric, yarns, and threads to embellish your quilts.
Quilting makes the quilt! With limitless possibilities, how do you choose a quilting design? Suzanne Michelle Hyland discusses a few simple questions to ask yourself to help discover the style of quilting to complement piecing and fabrics. Then, using quilt tops borrowed from friends, Suzanne walks you through her process of auditioning quilting designs, textures, patterns, and thread to bring confidence and ease to the process of choosing a quilting design.
Renae Haddadin's bag is both full of tricks and is made by using quilting tricks. She shows Jodie how to create this striking handbag on the longarm using her mini Ray ruler, templates and free-motion work.
Jamie Wallen draws his design on paper, establishing eye-hand coordination that will translate directly when he starts the design on the longarm quilting machine.
Do you have a quilting design that won't fit where you want to put it? Forget reducing and enlarging! In this episode, Pam Clarke shows how she whittles designs down to seven easily mastered basic shapes, and uses registration marks as a guide to help speed up machine quilting with very little marking to fit any size quilt block or border. This technique can be used with any home machine, mid-arm machine, or longarm machine.
Sue McCarty has won the most prestigious awards in quilting, including seeing her quilt "Tribute to Tolkien" hang in the permanent collection at the National Quilt Museum. Sue sees open spaces on a quilt as a blank sketchpad. With a little extra effort and know-how Sue shows you how you can turn basic loops and leaves and feathers into enchanting thread pictures that will add extra interest to the quilt and convince your customers that you are an artistic genius.
Suzanne Earley has been a professional longarm quilter for more than a decade. Designs in her two books are based on a large meander that becomes the spine for many different kinds of embellishments. Suzanne shows how to get creative stitching freehand using her meandering quilting magic methods.
DeLoa Jones started quilting at a professional level as a hand quilter in 1978 and started teaching in 1980. In 1999 she bought her first quilting machine and started her machine quilting business. Since that time she has quilted more than 3,500 customer quilts.
A graphic designer, David's first quilt design was in 1999 for a fundraiser quilt collaboration. In 2006, David discovered a love for hand-appliqué, and all of his works since then have been stitched together by hand. He has exhibited his work internationally and teaches at numerous venues throughout the year.
Irena Bluhm has been designing whole cloth quilts, teaching her techniques, and winning national and international prizes ever since she discovered longarm quilting in 2004. She quilts intricate designs, and then, true to her art background, uses colored pencil to yield magnificently vibrant results.
Dusty Farrell demonstrates how to freehand quilt on a longarm machine.
12 Lessons
6  hrs 9  mins

This award-winning series from our partners at Quilting Daily features everyday quilters showing you the ins and outs of quilting by machine. Learn how to complement your quilt top with machine quilting, get tips for keeping your longarm in peak shape, and explore thread, rulers, and more. We’ll have you “quilting it” in no time with this informative content from quilters like you.

Jodie Davis

Jodie Davis is a top TV host in the crafting world, shepherding an online network for quilters. She is the producer and host of “Quilt Out Loud!,” an off-the-wall lifestyle quilting show, and the author of numerous quilting and sewing books.

Jodie Davis
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