Marjorie Leggitt

Perspective Techniques for Better Drawing

Marjorie Leggitt
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Meet Marjorie and begin with an overview of perspective. Explore the various attributes of linear perspective. Then dive right into your first project, a tumbleweed, by drawing the framework, or "skeleton."
Once you've created the skeleton for your tumbleweed, make it look more 3-D by adding contour lines. See how perspective affects the shape and linework of a subject as you learn to use models. After that, you'll move onto your second project: a leaf.
Dive deeper into linear perspective by working with more complex, composite shapes such as flowers. Using a layered approach similar to the previous lessons, Marjorie guides you to complete your third and final drawing: a daisy and daffodil.
Switch gears to atmospheric perspective, the effect the atmosphere has on objects at a distance. Practice some exercises designed to help you see values, then draw simple subjects including a white cup, walnut and cherry. You'll see how values affect the illusion of perspective and space.
In this lesson, find out how to draw objects that occupy space on a surface, in other words, a still life drawing. Build on your skills as you apply what you see in deep space to a smaller scale. Plus, learn how to ground your objects with cast shadows.
Finally, learn how to use linear and atmospheric perspective to generate a work of art. Marjorie explains how and when to use these techniques to create realistic and accurate drawings with ease.
6 Lessons
3  hrs 13  mins

Ditch your eraser and take a new approach to drawing perspective.

Join award-winning illustrator Marjorie Leggitt as she reveals simple methods to draw perspective accurately, without all the fuss! Follow along with Marjorie as she guides you to complete three projects to help you hone your skills. Discover a new way to see the three-dimensional world and translate it to paper with ease. With Marjorie’s step-by-step guidance, see just how easy drawing perspective becomes, even for beginners.

Marjorie Leggitt

Marjorie Leggitt is a professional science illustrator who started her career at Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History dissecting and illustrating Australian land snails. Running her own freelance studio since 1985, she illustrates text and trade books, professional journals, museum exhibits and interpretive signage. For more than 25 years, Marjorie has taught her drawing techniques at the Denver Botanic Gardens’ School of Botanical Art & Illustration. She also teaches art workshops throughout the United States.

Marjorie Leggitt

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