Elisha Albretsen

Painting Your Projects

Elisha Albretsen
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22  mins

Finishing is always an incredibly important part of any project. The finishing process has many opportunities to make or break the project you’ve worked so hard on. Elisha Albretsen, also known as the Pneumatic Addict, is opening her bag of tricks to help you get the best possible finish when you’re painting your projects.

Lots of application choices
There are many ways to apply paint to your woodworking projects; brushing, rolling, spraying with an aerosol can or spray system… Each of these choices has advantages and disadvantages. The application method you choose may depend on the scope of the project, the finishing environment, your skill level, or some combination of all those factors. Elisha will help you narrow down your choices to make sure the method you’re choosing can work, and work well, for your project.

Setting up for success
Have you heard the expression “Plan your work, and work your plan”? There aren’t many places more important to apply this concept than finishing. We’re not slapping paint on a picket fence; we’re getting a great coat of paint on a woodworking project you’ve worked hard on. You’ll learn about the best possible materials, prepping your paint, fine-tuning the device you’re using to put paint on, keeping a wet edge, and more. Elisha’s tips will help you every step of the way.
This class will help you get to the finish line on your painted woodworking projects.

Paint friendly materials
If you’ve unhappily experienced carefully sanding a project, applying paint, and suddenly no longer having a glass-smooth surface, it’s probably because you chose the wrong material for your paint-grade project. There are man-made and natural materials that lend themselves to superior painting surfaces, and some you should avoid.

Elisha Albretsen

Elisha Albretsen is the craftswoman behind Pneumatic Addict. She is a life-long “Maker” and former furniture flipper who has been creating DIY Home Improvement content online for 10 years. You can find Elisha’s how-to tips shared across social media, as well as her website PneumaticAddict.com.

Elisha Albretsen

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