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Off Our Needles Season 1

with Grocery Girls
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  1. Sandra S. Beall

    I’m more interested in crocheting. But Free works for me to figure out whether I want to subscribe or not.

  2. Christina Ketikidou

    Needless to say that we love you. My sister Patricia and I (we´re from Sweden)have just launched our father’s invention ‘TWIZZTER’ which is a rotating yarn-holder which you simply carry on your arm or you can hang it on hook/lamp. It makes keeping control over your yarn so much easier!
    We would be over the moon if you would let us send you a copy to try out and to have your feed-back. Should you want to work with us in one way or another (you decide how and what), then that would really be the cherry on the cake.
    You can read more about Twizzter and ourselves on our website
    Hoping to hear from you! :D

    With warm yarn-greeting
    Christina and Patricia

  3. Kim Razo

    I absolutely love these girls! I don’t even know how to knit, so I’m anxious to learn. As soon as I learn, I want to continue to see and learn from them. I actually want to continue to see them UNTIL I learn anyway.

  4. Esther Mauricio

    I would like to learn How to make socks both ways and also to make two at a time socks


      Looking for a cast on for the Scania knit shawl need help?? I have the pattern find it so confusing . It wants a 8 st cast on then follow pattern is I do this there are not enough st. Help

  5. Adeline Edgecombe

    Would love to learn more as I just know the basics.was too busy in working at my job never had time for crafts I loved watching my grandma make sweaters for us she was an all rounder croche blankets for new born.alter old dresses and make them look classic.I too am looking forward to make at least one nice sweater for my grand children hope you all will help.thank you .


      Looking for a cast on for the Scania knit shawl need help?? I have the pattern find it so confusing . It wants a 8 st cast on then follow pattern is I do this there are not enough st. Help

  6. gwentooke1678259

    I love your off our needles blogs but I can’t see any links to the patterns and products you are referring to. I am watching Season 1 for the first time and I guess it was made a little time ago. I am viewing from the UK so I don’t know if affects access to product information. I have enjoyed the sessions so far and your warmth and interests really connects. Times are difficult right now across the world right now. and your podcasts are a little bit of happiness. I will be watching all and hope you continue to produce them. Thanks and I hope you are safe and well.

    • Gail Young

      Hi Gwen, the sock knit-a-long is actually a free class. You can still get this free class, as far as I know, the instructions and patterns will be included.

  7. Cj

    The music thing over top the voices, sounds like a phone tingling in background. No music needed!

    • Gayle Sarkissian-Murphy

      I am a brand new client who has NEVER knitted before but thought i would try this out. I have no idea what to go out and purchase so please help!!! Thank you. I would like to start with just a basic scarf.

    • Customer Service

      Hello Rita,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      The Playlist feature will be added in the near future. I have attached a link you will find helpful on how to navigate the Craftsy site.

      If you have any other questions, please email or contact Customer Service at 888-891-7203.



  8. Lisa Loew

    Was looking for information about the Fox Paw pattern and found “Off Our Needles” videos. What a great program! Are these episodes going to continue? Surely hope so.

    • Emily McCormick

      Search on YouTube for “Off Our Needles”; links to patterns are in the video notes.

  9. P

    Videos reference links located in the description to get the patterns, but there are no links. Can you please provide the links or documents?


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