Next Steps in Digital Photography: Capture Your Vision

Neil Losin
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Meet your instructor, professional photographer Neil Losin, and explore some of Neil's methods for creating great shots in the field. Learn how to capture special moments as you get more familiar with focal length, lenses, composition and more.
Train your eye and your camera to bring certain aspects of your composition into sharp focus. Neil explains how to use manual and autofocus features to hone in on your focal point, and demonstrates methods to intentionally blur other areas of your composition to create visual appeal.
Being able to skillfully use available light is one of a field photographer's most valuable assets. Neil shows you how to identify the direction of light and shadows, even on challenging overcast days, and how to use this information to determine which direction to shoot from.
Build upon the lighting skills you gained in Lesson 3 as you learn how to add and modify light sources. Beginner and intermediate photographers alike will enjoy Neil's tips for working with built-in and external flashes, and how to diffuse and reflect light to create even, beautiful lighting.
Now that you can create the lighting you want in your scene, learn how to modify your camera's sensitivity to light for even more control over your image. Learn about ISO, shutter speeds and aperture settings in relation to how they change exposure and modify the feel of your photographs.
Neil helps make storytelling through photography even more fun as he shares ways to artistically convey movement and stillness. Explore ways to freeze an object that's in motion or exaggerate the blur of a fast-moving subject, and compare both techniques to see which tells your story better.
A photo doesn't stop with the images you captured in the field; much of the artistic process takes place in post-processing. Learn how to assess raw files for potential, crop images to create more dynamic compositions and learn how to balance the color, exposure and contrast in any photo.
7 Lessons
2  hrs 32  mins

Start making incredible photographs instead of just taking them! Learn essential DSLR techniques with expert guidance from professional photographer Neil Losin. First, find out how to train your eye and your camera to bring aspects of your composition to life. Then, discover how to make the most of natural light, get tips for modifying light with your camera’s settings and artistically convey movement through your photos. Plus, bring out the best in your images with Neil’s professional post-processing techniques, from assessing raw files for potential to cropping images for dynamic composition and beyond. Get more from your camera than just what’s in the manual!

Neil Losin

Neil Losin has been fascinated by nature since he was eight years old, and has spent 20 years studying wildlife. He received his Ph.D. from UCLA in ecology and evolutionary biology, and has been photographing birds for more than a decade. Neil's images have been published internationally and have won numerous awards.


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