Kate Richbourg

Micro Torch Basics

Kate Richbourg
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Meet your instructor, Kate Richbourg, and learn why it can be so fun and easy to work with micro torches! Then learn about Kate's background in beading and metalsmithing as you prepare to start your first project.
Working with torches might seem scary at first, but Kate takes all the fear out by comparing different micro torches and explaining how they work. Using the Blazer and Max Flame models, Kate shows how to fill them with butane, fire them up and adjust the flame to the best length.
Safety is the key when working with torches of any size, so start off right by learning all about the various tools and supplies you'll be using, and how to use them safely and efficiently.
You'll amaze yourself when you go from brand new metalsmith to copper ring designer extraordinaire in this fun-filled lesson! Learn how to set up your work station, solder, hammer and create five gorgeous stack rings from copper wire. These make a beautiful addition to your jewelry box, and make great gifts, as well!
Use your new skills to create a virtually seamless band ring using half-round silver wire. Kate shows you how to size your ring to any size needed, navigate cutting and annealing, shape, clean and solder your ring and finish it just to your liking. You'll love the finished product!
5 Lessons
1  hrs 17  mins

Butane micro torches are a compact and efficient heat source for soldering, firing precious metal clay, finishing enamelwork and other projects. They’re inexpensive, safe and easy to use. In this five-lesson class, best-selling author and teacher Kate Richbourg shows you how to fill, light and adjust your torch and use it to shape, secure and finish metal jewelry. You’ll learn how to size rings perfectly and how to choose the right materials. Then Kate shows you her signature stack ring set and a perfect band ring made from half-round silver wire. Get fired up!

Kate Richbourg

Kate Richbourg is the popular instructor of three Craftsy classes. She has led jewelry-making workshops around the world for twenty years, and her designs have appeared in numerous publications, including Bead & Button, Art Jewelry and Beadwork. Kate is the author of Simple Soldering: A Beginner's Guide to Jewelry Making, as well as the Design Team Lead at Gaston Collective.

Kate Richbourg

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13 Responses to “Micro Torch Basics”


    Hi! Thanks for sharing. How do you hide the silver on the copper? I wanted to make and have a seamless look. Would you suggest electroplating?

  2. meggs Simmons

    Hi Really excited to start many free classes I can't waมัน

  3. meggs Simmons

    Hi Really excited to start many free classes


    Kate! You are THE BEST! I would love to show you a picture of my first torch projects, thanks to your help and encouragement. How do I post a picture of the pieces?

  5. iamaqtpoo2@aol.com

    Kate, you are so sweet & personable, this makes me feel at ease, like I might actually be able to do this. Thanks for your expertise &teaching skills. Cheers & happy holidays, Mary

  6. Charmaine Calvert

    Hi Kate! Thank you very much for your valuable instruction. I love the way you teach. I’m definitely buying a torch now and will follow this tutorial again to make those stack rings. One question please? How do you stop the copper from oxidising once you start to wear your rings? From experience copper normally goes green on my skin.


    It's a FREE class, but the PDF says it has to be purchased to access the PDF...


    My big question is how long the butane lasts.... how much do I need to plan on having for my projects... is it worth the costs... should I buy as much as I can when I find it... how best to store it... etc.

  9. Sharon Eppler

    So...My joins keep breaking when I am hammering on the ring mandrel. Suggestions?

  10. Colin Stobbart

    Thanks for the class, I have a dremel one and have stopped using it as it spits why is that? Is it that I am not using the right butane? I was thinking maybe it was faulty until I saw your videos so thanks.

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