Maude Hirst

"A Path to Self-Love" Meditation Challenge 4: Healing

Maude Hirst
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33  mins

Led by mindfulness teacher Maude Hirst, “A Path to Self-Love” 10-Day Meditation Challenge is a powerful program designed to assist you in actualizing your own definition of self-love. Maude will guide you toward recognizing, accepting and loving even the darkest parts of yourself. The goal is to live a happier, more joyful life, with a deeper connection to yourself and to those around you.

Today you will be guided through a theta-healing and intuitive body healing meditation in order to heal anything from your past that is stopping you from truly experiencing the depth of self-love that you deserve. In essence, you can only love and be loved by others to the depth that you love yourself, so allow this practice to clear the pathway for a new deep, loving connection.

The music for this challenge has been created by DJ Taz Rashid, who has used special binaural frequencies that can help you tap deeper into your meditative states — specifically alpha and theta brain waves. Use stereo headphones to get the most out of your journey to self-love.

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Maude Hirst

Maude Hirst is the founder of the company EnergyRise, where she is on a mission to find a unique path into mindfulness for everyone. Her passion is to empower people by lovingly connecting them to their unique expression of who they truly are. With a background in yoga, meditation, intuitive movement meditation and Theta Healing, she believes that introducing a daily mindfulness practice into your life can bring a life changing calm, clarity and direction to your external world.

Maude Hirst
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