Sunni Standing

Mastering Zipper Techniques

Sunni Standing
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Meet Sunni Standing, a sewing teacher, blogger and fabric shop owner from Salt Lake City, Utah.
Start with the basic slot-seam zipper, perfect for garments like a skirt with waistband. Sunni shows you how to shorten the zipper to the perfect length and stabilize the opening.
Invisible zippers can be done beautifully with or without an invisible zipper foot. Sunni shows you how fusible stabilizers make all the difference.
Make the inside of a lined garment look as neat and finished as the outside with Sunni's techniques. A few extra steps lead to great results with regular or invisible zippers.
Lapped zippers combine the best features of slot-seam and invisible methods, and give an elegant look to the side seam of dresses.
5 Lessons
1  hrs 31  mins

Beginner sewists know that zippers aren’t always easy. Tackle them head-on with Sunni Standing and Bernina! Confidently insert slot seam, invisible and lapped zippers with ease. Learn all about the tools necessary for your project, such as zipper feet, stabilizers and fusible web tape. Apply these zippers to a variety of garments, including those with linings and facings. Zip it good!

Sunni Standing

Sunni Standing runs A Fashionable Stitch, an online sewing blog and brick-and-mortar shop (formerly Yellow Bird Fabrics) in Salt Lake City.

Sunni Standing

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11 Responses to “Mastering Zipper Techniques”

  1. Hazel Delfish

    Thank you. I am grateful.


    Sewing Skirt - Do I sew the straight waist band before attaching the zipper or the other way round?

  3. Nancy Kruger

    Nice explanation for inserting an invisible zipper. Showing how to stitch down the bottom of the zipper, and producing a smooth seam below the zipper was very helpful! I've always had a problem with that! A minor suggestion - Sunni should remove the large, chunky ring on her left hand because it's distracting and blocks seeing exactly what she's doing. Interesting ring, but it gets in the way.....

  4. Rowshanak Tumari

    Thank you for the instructions What kind of sewing machine do you suggest to make zipper . I have a A home sewing machine that does not work on zipper and it makes lots of thread puckers . Do you think a computerized sewing machine is much more stronger and can’t handle multiple layers of fabric and sewing zipper? Thank you very much for advice

  5. T

    Is stay tape required?

  6. Sharon

    I can watch this class on my computer or my tablet, but cannot watch on my TV (Amazon Fire). Is this feature unavailable? I also cannot access my Sewing on the Edge class on my TV.

  7. Julie

    Have there been any updates to this course?

  8. Naomi Ager

    Why is the documentation no longer available to download? I own this class and should have access to that.

  9. Marysia

    What width is the stay tape you are using please.


    I purchased this class along with 25 others, why can’t I view them anymore? I paid for them.

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