Machine Quilting Beautiful Borders

Eva Larkin Hawkins
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Meet your instructor, Eva Larkin Hawkins, and get off to a running start as you learn how to select and prepare fabric, and how to audition and pin your borders before quilting.
Learn about various types of templates and stencils, and how each one is made. Working with purchased or homemade materials, you'll learn how to create the designs you want and transfer them seamlessly into symmetrical patterns.
Spacing can make a huge difference in your designs! Eva shares a mathematical formula that can be used to determine the exact number of repeated sequences you'll need for any border length. Practice along with Eva as she demonstrates measuring, marking and repeating various border patterns.
Discover how to transfer and stitch Eva's diamond, heart and dart designs using wax paper, contact paper and other methods. You'll gain professional tips as you go, including stabilization methods and ways to ensure your design looks perfect before you start stitching.
Explore all of your options for creating corners as you practice enlarging and reducing your design, calculating the placement of your patterns and reconciling the differences between the top and bottom border designs.
On to the side borders! In this lesson, you'll learn how to work with curved and straight feather shapes as you practice repeating patterns and making stencils for the side borders of your quilts.
Discover techniques for fitting feather designs into the top and bottom borders as Eva illustrates marking, measuring and transferring techniques. You'll learn how to integrate designs that start in the center or corners, and how to adjust the size accordingly.
Practice stitching the outer borders as Eva helps you navigate curved feathers, straight feathers, corner and center designs and more. You'll finish the class with helpful stitching techniques and inspiration for new projects!
8 Lessons
2  hrs 55  mins

What You’ll Learn:

  • Selecting and auditioning the best stencils and templates for your border
  • Using ordinary household items to help you select and stitch out motifs
  • How to make your designs flow continuously around the quilt
  • Calculating Eva’s easy mathematical equations to size and space out your designs
  • What You’ll Make:
    A variety of gorgeous border designs, including hearts, diamonds, continuous hearts, straight and curved feathers

    What You’ll Love:

  • Seeing borders with new eyes, and learning how much aesthetic interest they can add to your quilt
  • Choosing fabrics and batting that will make your quilts and stitches pop
  • Gaining confidence and control as you stitch your motifs
  • Using Eva’s equations to size designs to fit any border of your choosing
  • Learning dozens of helpful tips and tricks, including cutting considerations and finishing techniques for a polished end product
  • Using the supplies, resources, charts and templates in your downloadable class materials
  • Eva Larkin Hawkins

    Quilting instructor Eva Larkin Hawkins is the author of "Easy and Fun Free-Motion Quilting: Frames, Fillers, Hundreds of Ideas" and "Free-Motion Quilting Made Easy: 186 Designs from 8 Simple Shapes".


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