Deborah Jones

Machine Embroidery on Challenging Fabrics

Deborah Jones
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Deborah starts off by identifying knit and woven fabrics, and what she calls "un-fabrics": materials that fit into neither category. Then she goes over different choices for stabilizers, needles and density of design, explaining how they work together in successful stitch-outs.
Explore sheer, nylon and densely woven fabrics. Find out how to solve common issues with design, stabilizer and needle choice. After that, watch as Deborah demonstrates how to avoid puckering when hooping quilting cotton, and use self-adhesive stabilizer to hoop and stitch out a vinyl drawstring bag.
Delve into the world of stretch fabrics, including T-shirts, onesie knits and hard-to-hoop moisture-wicking fabric. Discover which designs, density of stitches, stabilizers and needles are best for these materials. Then, watch as Deborah uses the included butterfly design to demonstrate her preferred method for hooping and stitching out a onesie.
Leather, pleather and vinyl are what Deborah calls "un-fabrics," as they have neither knit or woven threads. When you choose the appropriate design, needle and stabilizer combinations, they're easier to stitch on than you might think! Here, Deborah shows you how to use self-adhesive stabilizer to hoop a reversible pleather tote bag and work in restrictive areas.
Velvet, fleece, terry and napped fabrics range from stable to unstable. In this lesson, Deborah gives design, needle and stabilizer recommendations for each variation. She also shows you her favorite way to stabilize and hoop a thick, fluffy towel.
Many projects, such as open-weave garments and mesh fabrics, require a stable base of organza to hold the stitched design. In this final lesson, Deborah shows you how to achieve stunning stand-alone embroidery using an edited version of the butterfly design to create an accent piece for a straw hat.
6 Lessons
2  hrs

Whether it’s bulky, shiny, delicate or stretchy, learn how to embroider on any material with confidence.

Embroider dazzling designs on any material! Expert Deborah Jones breaks down the theory behind fabric and machine embroidery to help you create a variety designs on infamously tricky fabrics.

Deborah Jones

Deborah Jones has been involved in detailed machine embroidery for more than 40 years and loves sharing her techniques for creating professional-quality embroidery. An expert in home and machine embroidery, she has authored "Machine Embroidery on Difficult Materials" and "Dimensional Machine Embroidery." Additionally, she often speaks on commercial and home machine techniques.

Deborah Jones

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