Cynthia Knox

Light & Shading With Colored Pencils

Cynthia Knox
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Meet artist Cynthia Knox and start with an overview of your project: a still life of bright yellow roses against a dramatic black background. Cynthia goes over the tools and materials you’ll need to get started, then demos color matching and creating swatches.
Colored pencil work is known to be notoriously slow. Speed up the process by learning how to fill in large areas quickly with pen pastels. From there, work on a highlighted petal in colored pencil using a technique called burnishing to create a sleek, polished look.
Next, move on to the other flower petals. Start your first petal by creating graduated midtones, then the next one with graduated darks. See how to layer colors and create luminous values to make your flower look more realistic.
Then, continue working on your flower as Cindy shows you how to create areas of soft focus, crisp edges and detail. After that, build up the layers in the center focal point to add visual interest to your flower and draw people in.
Now work on the lower, darker petals of your flower. See how to use line direction and contrasting colors to create realism and drama. Afterwards, Cynthia shares background options to make your flowers pop, plus troubleshooting tips to correct any mistakes.
Complete your floral still life by successfully filling in the background. Cynthia guides you to create a smooth, consistent application. She also shows you how to correct wax bloom, before going over some finishing touches.
6 Lessons
1  hrs 42  mins

Sharpen your drawing skills and create a breathtaking floral composition.

Follow along with award-winning colored pencil artist Cynthia Knox as she guides you step by step to create a refined floral still life–bright yellow roses against a dramatic black background. Along the way, master highlighting, shading and blending techniques to seamlessly create form and realism in your work. Plus learn to use pan pastels to speed up the process and make your drawing look like a painting.

Cynthia Knox

Cynthia Knox is a professional colored pencil and graphite artist whose work has received numerous awards at national and international juried exhibitions. Along with creating commissioned work and being featured in art magazines and websites, Cynthia teaches art techniques to individuals and large groups. She's also published a number of instructional art books, including The Art of Colored Pencil Drawing, Flowers in Colored Pencil, Pencil Drawing Step by Step and more.

Cynthia Knox

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