Jessica Giardino

Knits 101

Jessica Giardino
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9 Lessons
1  hrs 48  mins

Don’t shy away from knit fabrics! These stretchy textiles are here to flatter your form and stitch up easily.

This class begins with an overview of how knits are made and a brief discussion regarding the history of knitwear in fashion. Students will receive a complete class overview in the first session to help them prepare for each session as necessary.

Together with instructor Jessica Giardino, you’ll explore a wide variety of knit fabrics and learn how to identify the right side, wales and courses, perform a stretch test and what types of patterns work best with knits.

Pick up tips on how to cut knit fabrics without causing a snag, then move on to learning how to prep stretchy fabrics for sewing. You’ll discover tips for pressing, washing, drying and applying knit stay tape and knit interfacing. Next up, discover how needle choice and thread choice factor into sewing with knits.

Then it will finally be time to sew some knits. Begin by learning a variety of seam finishes to use on a traditional sewing machine. Then check out a serger and learn how to use one to sew knits quickly and easily. Lastly, learn to sew your first knit project.

Create a knit skirt to wear out for your next night on the town. Watch step-by-step instructions as you draft a pattern based on measurements then stitch up the skirt. This fun and stylish project can be completed in an afternoon.

In addition to the detailed video instruction you’ll receive, the online class provides you with some downloadable resources and helpful information to print and keep, including a detailed Pattern Drafting Guide to use when making your very own knit skirt, along with a Shopping Guide to make sure you have everything on hand before starting your project.

Jessica Giardino

Hailing from a long line of artists, crafters and make-do-and-menders, Jessica grew up enjoying several different creative outlets. As an adult this has translated into her finding any excuse to create daily. She has worked on Sew News, Creative Machine Embroidery, and Sew It All magazines and Sew It All TV. When not stitching, Jessica can be found walking her tiny dog, seeking out delicious tacos, and playing all sorts of games in Portland, Oregon.

Jessica Giardino

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