Lucy Neatby

Knit-Along: Socks

Lucy Neatby
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Meet instructor and sock guru Lucy Neatby and learn all about your monthly knit-along. You'll explore the three exclusive sock designs included, gather your supplies and learn a few techniques to make your knitting a breeze. Lucy covers gauge, measuring for a great fit and tips for neat joins.
Start the knit-along on the right (or left!) foot with the first pattern: the smocked Guernsey. You'll cast on for cuff-down construction using a stretchy cuff pattern and work the leg, adding a series of purl welt and wrapped stitch designs. Along the way, Lucy will help you gain confidence with simple chart-reading skills.
Continue the Smocked Guernsey Sock, completing the heel through to the toe. Lucy gives you a detailed, step-by-step breakdown of her sturdy slipped-stitch common heel. Plus, you'll finish up with the clever toe chimney that makes for painless grafting!
Your second sock is the Serpentine! For this pattern, you'll start from the toe up with a reverse toe chimney. You'll also work the lovely cabled pattern that gives this sock its name, learn new ways to increase and even cable without a cabling needle!
When it's time to finish the Serpentine sock, Lucy will show you a new heel: the garter short row heel. You'll love how it helps preserve the striping of your yarn colors! Then, follow along with Lucy to work the cabled leg pattern and a nifty I-cord cuff.
Lucy designed the colorful Windowpane sock specifically to help you mix a bright solid with a fun hand-painted yarn. You'll start this sock cuff-down with a provisional crochet cast-on so that you can create the sock facing for a neat, double-thick cuff. You'll also work a two-color slip-stitch sock leg with Lucy's guidance.
You're nearly at the finish line! Complete the Windowpane sock from heel to toe as Lucy shows you a garter version of the common heel flap for more fun striping. And after turning the heel and working the foot, you'll decrease for the swirly star toe; it's a cinch!
7 Lessons
2  hrs 23  mins

Let instructor Lucy Neatby guide you to sock-cess! In this one-of-a-kind knit-along, you’ll receive two new lessons and a new design each month, so you can knit your way through three exciting knitted sock patterns. Start with the smocked Guernsey sock, as you learn how to work from cuff down, create a sturdy slip-stitch heel and work a toe chimney. Then, move on to the toe-up Serpentine sock, where you’ll knit beautiful cable patterning, the garter short row heel and even a nifty I-cord cuff. Want a project with a little more color? You’ll complete your knit-along with the Windowpane sock, as Lucy teaches you how to work a double-thick cuff, a two-color slip-stitch leg and the swirly star toe.

Lucy Neatby

A former navigation officer for British cargo ships, Lucy Neatby now finds herself submerged in the fabulous world of fiber. Whether designing, writing or instructing, she strives to bring out the true fun in knitting. Her website, Lucy Neatby Designs, is no different. Lucy is also the face behind a series of instructional DVDs, Learn with Lucy, and the author of popular books, including Cool Socks Warm Feet, Cool Knitters Finish in Style and A Little Book of BIG Holes for Hand-Knitters.

Lucy Neatby

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12 Responses to “Knit-Along: Socks”

  1. Cathie Milliken

    I am starting the smocked Guernsey socks. My pattern says K1p3K1 which does not work out when it's time to decrease. I now realize it should say K1P3K2. That's what is shown in the video, but not the written pattern. I am enjoying the class, and love the sock pattern. I have knit many socks, but the hints in the videos are extremely helpful.

  2. angiegrun21289845

    I purchased this class many years ago along with the yarn. I can't access the patterns. I have tried everything below. Has anybody been successful?

  3. Sylvie SAINSARDOS

    The PDFs are not available. There's a message saying "Bonus materials available after purchase", but the class is free!!! Help please :)

  4. Emily Horacek

    Is the PDF for Serpentine Socks available anywhere? I made one sock in 2016 and now would like to complete the set. --Emily

  5. Maryse

    Hi, I’m knitting the Smocked Guernsey sock and I’m wondering if the sequence on rounds 8 & 9 is really ( p1, k2, p1) thank you

  6. Camila Rodrigues

    what are the socks sizes? Thank you

  7. Kelli Amaral

    I am on the last stretch of the smocked Guernsey sock. I see that I have pretty significant ladders right along where the decreases were done after the heel flap. There seems to be no way to upload a picture but I was hoping for some advice. I am casting on the second sock now so that when I’m actually done with this first sock I will have less inertia to overcome And I would like to avoid the ladders on the second sock.


    I'm confused. I'm trying to start the facing for the Windowpane socks and Lucy says to use the variegated yarn, but the picture looks like she's using the plain colored yarn.

  9. Linda

    I am just now finishing up the Serpentine socks - I decided to try it on one long circular needle, and it took me quite a while to master THAT technique :) Lucy says there are written directions for the back pattern, but I have looked and looked, and have not been able to locate any written patterns. I have tried to read the chart, and have written down what I THINK is the pattern for each row from 43 to 57, but it would be very reassuring to have specific directions. Have I overlooked those instructions somehow?

  10. Julia Hull

    Can one still buy the yarn recommended in these videos?

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