Anne Hanson

Ins & Outs of Grafting: A Crafty Class on Knitting Together

Anne Hanson
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Meet your instructor, Anne, and learn what grafting is and how it works!
Learn the song of the knitting graft with Anne's detailed instruction. You'll prepare to graft, graft knitted pieces and explore uneven joins with her help.
Learn how to graft textured fabrics with Anne's step-by-step instruction. Graft garter stitches and seed stitches!
Get Anne's expert advice on matching motifs with grafting.
4 Lessons
1  hrs 7  mins

You’’ll learn grafting techniques to unite stockinette, seed and garter stitches, making your fabric flow. Anne demonstrates how to graft (Kitchener stitch) an invisible join with lace-weight knits, and across cables and ribbing. Knit along with Anne as she teaches you “The Song of the Knitting Graft,” which will help you remember where to knit and when to purl. In no time you’’ll be tucking toe ends together, attaching edgings and aligning infinity scarf ends!

Anne Hanson

Anne Hanson is a lifelong knitter and the owner of Knitspot, a popular blog where she teaches and writes about knitting, spinning and design. Anne has been featured in respected magazines such as Knitty, The Knitter, Twist Collective, Sock Club and Brave New Knits. Currently she works in Ohio, where she dreamed up the popular indie yarn company, Bare Naked Wools.

Anne Hanson

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3 Responses to “Ins & Outs of Grafting: A Crafty Class on Knitting Together”

  1. Sucet


  2. Alexandra

    I knit continental as a right handed person would and that works. BUT as a leftie I find it really hard to hold a tapestry needle in my right hand. What about grafting with the needle in your left hand. How does that work? I can find lots of examples where people actually knit "backward" but that isn't me. My yarn and rows end up where a right handed person's would.Thanks

  3. Alison

    OMG....thank you, thank you, thank you Anne. This is exactly what I've been after. Once again you prove that you're way ahead of other knitting instructors. Clear, concise and clever instructions. 💗

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