Adam Vicarel

Hand-Lettering for Beginners

Adam Vicarel
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Meet Adam and start by reviewing the key terms you'll be using throughout class to increase your understanding of hand-lettering as a practice. After that, Adam leads you through some warm-up exercises.
Adam shares techniques to help you refine your sketch and achieve a clean tracing of your final design. Find out how to transfer your design to paper and get tips on making adjustments to your letterforms.
Adam walks you through inking your design, then shares various options for enhancing it, both around and inside the text.
Get started on your second project: a design that involves drawing multiple words. Adam takes you through the design considerations, and shows you how to create a composition that works with the meaning of the phrase.
Once you're comfortable combining multiple words, focus on combining type styles. Adam shares a few different approaches to help you think of your words as shapes and create a design that's interesting, yet cohesive.
End class by tracing, transferring and inking your final design. Take a look at a variety of different surfaces to which you can transfer your design and complete it, including a wall!
6 Lessons
1  hrs 59  mins

Create your own hand-lettered designs with simple materials.

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to pen the gorgeous hand-lettering that you see in logos, cards and even T-shirts! Designer Adam Vicarel uses a step-by-step approach to teach you how to create your own stunning designs using simple materials that you probably already have at home.

Adam Vicarel

Denver-based designer Adam Vicarel fuses classic design principles with fine art techniques, bringing a unique aesthetic through the use of lettering, typography and illustration. He is a regular adventure seeker, and his work is often a clear derivative of his passion for new cultures and experiences. Adam has a BFA in Visual Communication Design from the University of Dayton.

Adam Vicarel

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