Jenny Adin-Christie

Goldwork Master Class: Embroidered Mistletoe Ornament

Jenny Adin-Christie
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We look at the contents of the kit which can be purchased with the course and discuss how to prepare the base fabric in an embroidery hoop in readiness for work.
Here we learn how to work tiny stab stitches throughout the design to bind the silk fabric together with the supporting cotton.
We discuss how ‘tissue silk’ can be used to enhance a design worked in metal threads and how to apply it to successfully to the first mistletoe berry.
Learning how to pad the mistletoe berry using layers of grey felt.
The leaves and stems are to be worked in silk shading or ‘needle painting’. Here these are prepared by working a split stitch border around the perimeter edges.
The leaves are shaded using shades of stranded cottons.
The stems are shaded using shades of stranded cottons.
A fine gold thread is used to add gold detailing to the leaves and stems to enhance the design.
The remaining berries are outlined using couched silver pearl purl.
Silver bright check purl is cut into tiny pieces which are used to fill the remaining berry, working over the top of the padding, with the addition of beads.
Soft white cotton thread is bundled and waxed before using this to pad the larger leaves, tapering the padding to fit to the contoured shapes.
The delicate leaf outlines are created by couching metal threads. The tails of these threads are plunged through the base fabric to be finished on the reverse.
The tails of metal thread are secured on the reverse of the work by oversewing.
Silver passing is combined with copper passing to couch the outline to the triangle design. We discuss how to turn sharp corners in couching effectively.
How to use pearl purl in a second way by stretching to double its length to reveal its spiral structure. The purl is then couched using green threads to highlight the spiral.
Tubular smooth metal purls are cut to size to fit over the prepared soft string padding and are applied by stitching through the centre of each piece like a bead.
Spangles and beads are used to give a final flourish to the design.
We learn how to stretch the embroidery onto the pre-cut triangle of mounting card, and then how to prepare a ribbon hanging loop and fabric covered lining panel.
The design is completed by attaching the prepared hanging loop before stitching the embroidered panel together with the lining panel.
19 Lessons
4  hrs 21  mins

Join Jenny Adin-Christie, a skilled artisan in gold and metalwork embroidery, as she shares her insider knowledge on the world of gold thread in the Goldwork Master Class – Mistletoe Ornament. Craftsy and Toye Academy of Craft proudly present this special class designed for embroiderers of all levels to learn how to create an exquisite, handmade mistletoe ornament. In this class, you will learn advanced techniques used by master artisans like Jenny to take your skills to the next level and achieve a professional finish. Buy the class + make at home kit combination here.

Jenny walks you through a range of versatile gold and silver thread embroidery techniques that can be applied in many creative ways. With her expert guidance, you can explore the possibilities of couching, chipping, padding and other essential skills. Whatever your level of stitching experience may be, you can master this centuries-old art form.

This holiday, create something amazing for yourself or someone else. Our exclusive kit has everything you need to make your own embroidered mistletoe ornament, a handmade gem that is sure to make a great addition to your holiday decor or an amazing gift for anyone lucky enough to be on your list. Begin your journey into goldwork embroidery today!


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Jenny Adin-Christie

Jenny’s career stemmed from a rich family heritage of craftsmanship, being taught to stitch and make from an early age by her mother, a teacher specializing in textiles, and her father, a master gunsmith and fishing rod builder. Fine hand embroidery became her true passion and Jenny was encouraged to apply for a sought-after place on the rigorous three-year Apprenticeship course then offered at the Royal School of Needlework, Hampton Court. Here she learned to work a hugely diverse range of traditional and more contemporary techniques to a professional standard, training simultaneously in art and design. Graduating in 1996 with distinction and awards in goldwork and silk shading, she was honored with full-time employment at the RSN. This role allowed her the enviable opportunity to practice her skills on the enormously varied commissions of the commercial studio, such as playing a key role in the production of the applied lace panels for the wedding dress of HRH the Princess of Wales, and designing and working new altar frontals for Canterbury Cathedral. She also tutored on the extremely broad range of courses offered by the RSN, including the Degree program. Jenny thus became internationally recognized as a specialist in the fields of whitework, metal thread, raised embroidery/stumpwork and for her unique style of embroidery design which combines these techniques together. Ten years of invaluable experience as a senior tutor and studio embroiderer, eventually becoming Assistant Head of the Studio at the RSN, allowed Jenny to branch out as a freelance embroiderer when her daughter was born in 2008. Jenny now works full time as a freelance professional hand embroiderer, running her own business from her home studio in Surrey, UK, working as a designer maker, embroidery artist and tutor, frequently taking her teaching out to students around the world.

Jenny Adin-Christie

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