Svetlana Sotak

Giftable Projects: Zippered Bags & Purse Organizer

Svetlana Sotak
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Meet Svetlana and get started with an overview of the projects and the materials and supplies you'll need, including quilting cotton and zippers. Then begin sewing, making a wrist strap for the Easy Coin Pouch (or any of the bags in this class).
Complete the Easy Pouch with a 5-inch metal zipper, outside pocket, and tab with decorative snap.
Build your skills with the Two-Zip Pouch, using two 7-inch metal zippers (for this project, you could also use polyester or nylon zippers). Create a zipper pocket with zipper tabs, and be sure to use a colorful fabric for the pocket lining for a surprise every time you open it.
Start with a tour of the features of the Get-It-Together Purse Organizer. You'll use all the skills you've already learned to put this together, starting with adding binding strips to pockets and adding a contrasting fabric pocket with dividers and a mesh pocket to the outer front panel.
Add a zipper pocket to the front panel by drawing a rectangular opening, stitching the pocket lining to the bag, and cleverly pulling the pocket lining through. Then construct the outer back panel with a snap pocket.
Complete the purse organizer by making divided slip pockets for the lining, or inner bag, adding another zipper pocket and the main top zipper, and putting outer bag and lining together and stitching, turning, and pressing. Add zipper pulls and you're ready to go! You'll never dread forgetting something when you switch bags again.
6 Lessons
2  hrs 28  mins

Bust your stash with adorable — and giftable — zipper pouch projects!

Say goodbye to digging through the depths of your purse for Chapstick with three on-trend zipper pouches! Pattern designer Svetlana Sotak shares her techniques for working with metal zippers and decorative snap hardware to help you sew on-trend pouches and organizers.

Svetlana Sotak

Svetlana Sotak is a self-taught sewist and pattern designer who occasionally dabbles in screen printing. She started sewing in 2011 after finding inspiration in online quilting and sewing blogs. Born and raised in Slovakia, she now lives in Chicago with her husband, three children and two cats. She's a regular contributor to quilting magazines, and offers her own line of stylish, easy-to-follow bag and pouch patterns on her blog, Sotak Handmade.

Svetlana Sotak

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