Focaccia & Flatbreads From Around the World

Meredith Deeds
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Take a tour of flatbreads from around the world with your guide Meredith Deeds, cookbook author, food writer and culinary instructor. Start in Italy, with classic focaccia dough made by hand. Learn the basic recipe techniques for mixing, kneading, resting and shaping this delicious olive-oil infused dough before baking it up to golden perfection. Then, learn to make a Tuscan variation in your stand mixer that adds just enough wheat flour to impart nutty undertones. Finally, learn several ways to top your focaccia with nuts, sautéed onions, cheese and more!
Continue exploring focaccia as you learn to make three more variations! First, make a delicious, delicate cheese-filled version as you roll the dough super thin and then fill it with creamy stracciatella cheese. Then, learn how to make a potato-infused dough you can use to make focaccine (focaccia rolls) or a bread stuffed with ham and fontina, or whatever fillings you choose!
Create endless options for entertaining with cracker-thin flatbreads! Similar to a pizza crust, this flatbread can be pre-baked ahead of time, then topped later and baked to a crispy, golden brown. Meredith offers tips for rolling and topping this deliciously versatile dough.
Continue on to India as you learn how to make authentic naan, right in your own kitchen -- no special equipment needed! Meredith will teach you how to make ghee, or Indian clarified butter, which you'll use to brush onto your toasted flatbread. Discover which secret ingredient gives naan its signature tang and softness, and see how quickly you can make this bread at home! Meredith even shows you how to make naan stuffed with onions or potatoes!
Head south of the border as you make flour tortillas. This unleavened dough can be made in your mixer (or you can make it by hand!) with just four ingredients. Find out how long it should rest and get professional tips for how to roll out and cook light and delicious tortillas right on your stovetop using a cast iron pan or griddle.
Switch from flour to corn tortillas as you master working with masa and using a tortilla press. Explore the difference between fresh masa and masa harina. Meredith offers advice for pressing the dough into flat, even tortillas every time, guaranteed not to stick in your press! Watch as your tortillas puff up on the griddle, and see how to stuff and toast them for delicious appetizers in a jiffy!
Return to the Mediterranean to learn how to make classic pita breads. The dough is easy to create in your food processor or by hand. Roll out the dough, put it in the oven and watch it get its signature pita puff and pocket in a matter of minutes! Finally, learn how to turn your pita bread into pita chips in a few easy steps!
7 Lessons
2  hrs 14  mins

Learn how to make fresh corn and flour tortillas, delicious naan, and even healthy pita bread, with step-by-step instruction from James Beard Award-nominated cookbook author Meredith Deeds. Start by mastering classic focaccia and tempting Tuscan schiacciata, and get tips for adding just the right amount of your favorite toppings to avoid overwhelming your savory breads. Next, step things up a notch with potato-based focaccia, or fill it with creamy, melty cheese. Then, Meredith shows you how to create crunchy cracker-crust flatbread that delivers pizza taste minus the pizza calories. You’ll learn to make rich ghee for brushing on crowd-pleasing naan and get tips for using different fats and types of masa to make the best corn tortillas you’ve ever eaten. You’ll make from-scratch flour tortillas, too, and create pita bread that’s cooked to fluffy perfection. Plus, find out how to make pita chips – an addiction you don’t have to feel guilty about!

Meredith Deeds

Meredith Deeds is a James Beard Award-nominated cookbook author and renowned culinary instructor. She has co-authored six cookbooks, including James Beard Award finalist The Big Book of Appetizers, and her work has appeared in many food magazines, such as Bon Appétit and Cooking Light. She teaches cooking classes around the country at venues including Sur La Table and Whole Foods Markets.


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