Flavorful Stews From Around the World

Matthew Card
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Meet your instructor, chef and food writer Matthew Card, and take a tour of the delicious stews you'll learn to make in this class. Then, travel to Italy as you learn how build flavor by browning meat, sautéing a traditional soffritto and braising your stew in the oven. Pair it with creamy polenta.
Broil tomatillos, onions and peppers before blending them to make the smoky flavor base for this hearty Mexican stew. Then, explore what types of pork work best for this dish as you braise your pork in the tomatillo base and serve it all with fresh-toasted tortillas.
Build a classic French stew base by sautéing mirepoix, adding herbs and developing flavor along the way. Matthew offers professional tips for trimming lamb, and also shows you why some of your stew's vegetables should be cooked separately and added later.
Build confidence working with dried beans! Learn proper techniques for reconstituting chickpeas, then cook them in a flavorful broth before adding them to a sautéed chorizo and pepper base. Finally, discover Matthew's super-quick method for wilting spinach and garnish your stew with homemade croutons.
Infuse your cooking with the exotic flavors of cumin, coriander and ginger as you re-create a North African classic. While this complex stew is traditionally made in a vessel called a tagine, Matthew shows you how to cook it in a Dutch oven. Top it with homemade harissa, or hot sauce, tailored to your own level of spiciness.
Create a hearty and satisfying meal without meat! Explore Middle Eastern flavor profiles as you add olives, preserved lemons and pomegranate molasses to your green lentil base and thicken your stew with tangy Greek yogurt. Garnish with za'atar-spiced pita chips for crunchy contrast.
Master a true New Orleans classic! Unlike the blonde roux found in French cooking, the deep, nutty roux for this stew comes from a long, slow cooking of the butter and flour mixture. Build up savory flavor as you make your own shrimp broth, and add aromatic vegetables, Andouille sausage and fresh shrimp to finish.
7 Lessons
2  hrs 13  mins

Make globally-inspired stews your family will crave, with guidance from expert instructor and seasoned recipe developer Matthew Card. Get started with a savory Italian pork ragù. Learn how to sauté a traditional soffritto base and braise your ragù for incredibly rich flavor. Next, bring the heat with Mexican chile verde! Create a broiled tomatillo-onion-and-pepper flavor base and serve the finished stew with warm tortillas for rave reviews. Moving on, French lamb navarin is made easy with Matthew’s tips for creating a mirepoix stew base and cooking the stew vegetables separately. Then, create smoky a Spanish chickpea-and-chorizo stew and an expertly seasoned Moroccan chicken tagine, made in a Dutch oven. Prepare a fragrant meatless lentil stew packed with olives, preserved lemons and pomegranate molasses that evokes the flavors of the Middle East, and then finish your class with a classic Cajun shrimp gumbo.

Matthew Card

Matthew Card is a veteran recipe developer, food writer and cooking instructor with more than 25 years of professional experience. He spent more than a decade with America’s Test Kitchen, was a columnist for The Oregonian and produced recipes for numerous publications. Matthew helped launch Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street and now serves as Creative Director, Recipes and Products. He currently resides in Australia.


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