Pati Palmer & Melissa Watson

Easy Fitting the Palmer/Pletsch Way: Shirts & Tops

Pati Palmer & Melissa Watson
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Meet renowned pattern designers and fit experts Pati Palmer and Melissa Watson, then get started! Pati and Melissa explain the basics of tissue fitting and demonstrate the correct technique for choosing the right size of blouse pattern. Melissa also gives step-by-step instructions on how to prepare a pattern for fitting.
Once your blouse pattern is pinned and prepared, it's time to adjust the fit. Watch and learn as Melissa demonstrates an easy method for fitting yourself. You'll gain insight into how styling options affect fit, as well as how to make basic alterations to the pattern.
Continue building on the skills you learned in Lesson 2. Melissa offers detailed explanation on how to assess the fit of your pattern in multiple areas: the back, shoulders, bust and hip. You'll also see how to make the necessary adjustments, resulting in a perfectly customized fit.
Gain confidence making a variety of back alterations to your blouse pattern. Follow along as Melissa illustrates an efficient method for adjusting the fit of the high round back, low round back and broad back. Then, practice cutting and pinning the pattern to achieve the most flattering fit.
Add one of the most valuable alterations skills to your repertoire: a full bust adjustment. Melissa walks through the steps of precisely adjusting the blouse pattern to fit a full-busted figure. In addition, you'll find out Melissa's tips and tricks for tackling the Y-bust adjustment.
Once you've created fabric cutouts of the pattern, move on to the next step in the process: fabric fitting. Melissa and Pati offer helpful tips for refining the fit of the blouse. You'll see multiple examples of how fit can be adjusted to complement different figures and different types of fabric.
See the final transformation from tissue patterns to lovely blouses. Melissa and Pati reveal the finished designs and explain how each adjustment enhanced the overall fit. In addition, you'll gain more valuable tips from Pati on how to succeed at tissue fitting.
7 Lessons
1  hrs 58  mins

Create perfect-fitting shirts without a partner! Learn an easy yet remarkably effective system for tissue-fitting on the body alongside sewing experts Pati Palmer and Melissa Watson. Start with a simple trick for choosing the perfect blouse size, as well as how to prepare a pattern for tissue-fitting. Move on to fitting and even discover the secrets that allow you to fit yourself! You’ll see how to assess the fit of a pattern in the back, shoulders, bust and hips, and make adjustments for all types of figure variations. Then, build your alterations expertise with step-by-step instructions for full bust and Y-bust adjustments. Finally, get in-depth guidance to make your fabric fitting nothing short of a stunning success.

Important Pattern Information

The sewing pattern on which this class is based — McCall’s 6750 — is not included with your purchase and may be out of print — check with online retailers. This class is rich in essential sewing techniques, so if the pattern is out of print, we encourage you to look for an alternative pattern with similar style details. You might also be able to find the original pattern through a private reseller.

Pati Palmer & Melissa Watson

Pati Palmer is a pattern designer and sewing instructor with more than 37 years of experience. She has designed more than 200 patterns for The McCall Pattern Company, and she's the author of 10 sewing books. Pati taught sewing seminars throughout North America and Australia for 15 years before establishing the Palmer/Pletsch International School of Sewing in Portland, Oregon. Melissa Watson is Pati's daughter, so it's no surprise that her love of fashion and sewing can be traced all the way back to childhood. Melissa designed a line of print fabrics for Springs Creative and co-designed the DIY Line for McCall's. Soon after that, she began designing for the Palmer/Pletsch line at McCall's creating patterns that appeal to the next generation of sewers.

Pati Palmer & Melissa Watson

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