Suzy Furrer

Designing Your Wardrobe: Drafting the Tailored Jacket or Coat

Suzy Furrer
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Meet Suzy Furrer, your design and patternmaking expert, as you begin drafting the pattern for a showpiece jacket or coat to go over everything in your wardrobe. Beginning with a well-fitting bodice sloper that you already have, you'll draft the jacket front, including the major lines of the collar, lapel, and princess seam, along with the front facing and bound buttonhole pieces.
Move on to the back of the jacket, along with the back facing. Learn how to add princess and waist seams and create waist stays for stability in the jacket.
The two-piece sleeve is a classic design feature of a tailored jacket. You'll learn to draft it with facing, then draft buttonholes and a sleeve head for internal support.
Using the collar that you drafted in Lesson 1, you'll refine the upper and undercollar pieces, then draw in the roll line and see how the undercollar support is stitched. Then you'll learn the nuances of drafting the front support trio of interior pieces and a back stay that will add stability and shape to the jacket.
Learn about pocket placement for your jacket pattern and how to draft a double welt pocket with flap. Then learn to create pattern pieces for an interior zipper pocket that will be inserted in the front facing.
You'll draft pattern pieces for the front, back, and sleeve linings, and learn where to insert jump pleats and how to plan ahead for "bagging" the lining.
What are the best fabric options for a jacket or coat? Suzy will walk you through some good choices and advise against bad ones. Then you'll learn how to finalize your pattern and make it production-ready, and how to fill out a pattern record card listing all of your pattern pieces and trims.
7 Lessons
3  hrs 26  mins

Draft a pattern for a sophisticated jacket or coat with customizable details.

Ready to test your patternmaking skills? Master designer and pattern drafter Suzy Furrer shares in-depth tips and techniques to help you draft a full set of patterns for a chic, tailored jacket using your own well-fitting bodice sloper. Learn how to draft pattern pieces for two-piece sleeves, welt pockets, an inside zipper pocket, bound buttonholes and even a coat hook.

Suzy Furrer

Suzy Furrer has over 35 years’ experience in the fashion industry. She began her career as a freelance patternmaker and directed the development of capsule collections for small fashion companies. Suzy is the Founder and Director of Apparel Arts (established 1996) and Apparel Arts Productions (, an online fashion design school established in 2020. Suzy developed a comprehensive curriculum to give students in-depth training to be strong candidates to enter the workforce in apparel or costume design or to simply build strong sewing and drafting skills for one's own personal use. Apparel Arts has graduated hundreds of students who currently work in the apparel or costuming industries. In addition, she has been an instructor for GAP Inc.’s Product Development Immersion Program. Suzy teaches and speaks at sewing and craft conferences, sewing guilds, and art schools and has taught classes for the employees of entertainment giants Pixar and Lucas Films. She is the author of Building Patterns, The Architecture of Women’s Clothing. Last, but not least, Suzy has taught online pattern drafting classes for since 2011.

Suzy Furrer

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