Elizabeth Hartman

Creative Quilt Backs

Elizabeth Hartman
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You’ve spent considerable time and creative energy on the front of your quilt; make the back a work of art, too. In this mini-class, quilter Elizabeth Hartman, author of the popular quilting blog Oh, Fransson!, show you easy ways to create several styles of quilt backs that will complement the fronts. Whether you’re a traditional quilter or lean toward modern styles, you’ll find tips and techniques here that will make your finished quilts stand out.

Elizabeth Hartman

Elizabeth Hartman is the author of the bestselling book, The Practical Guide to Patchwork, which won a 2011 Next Generation Indie Book Award. Her second book, Modern Patchwork, was released in May 2012. Elizabeth blogs about quilting at her blog, ohfransson.com, and is a board member of The Modern Quilt Guild.

Elizabeth Hartman
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4 Responses to “Creative Quilt Backs”

  1. ketelsen22085@netins.net

    Hello. I just finished viewing “Creative Quilt Blocks” by Elizabeth Hartman. I tried to download the two items under Bonus Materials, but kept receiving error messages. Could you please either send them to me or tell me how I can get them. Even though this class was free, will it be in my account and will I be able to view it again at some point in the future (example: in a year or two)? Thank you in advance.

    • KG

      Hi there. If you refresh your browser, you should be able to download the PDFs. (Sometimes if you’ve been watching the videos for a while, the link stops working, I’ve found, but it works again once you refresh the page.) Hope this helps!


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