Natalie Chanin

Creative Embellishments

Natalie Chanin
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Meet Natalie and get a refresher on the methods and materials you'll need to get started, including fabrics, threads and beads. Then she guides you through making color swatches, choosing colorways and stenciling or inking fabrics to create patterns.
Create an array of embellishment effects, Alabama Chanin-style, with just four easy stitches! Natalie shares her unique grid system that will keep your stitches even and consistent, then discusses the physics of sewing. These tried-and-true techniques will help your projects stay strong and beautiful for generations to come.
Beads and sequins add sparkle, texture and dimension to garments. Discover Natalie's simple methods to add seed, chop and bugle beads to your stitching. After that, see how easy it is to add sequins and vary the look with partial or armor beading.
Start your embellishment swatches by using the basic straight, or running, stitch to quilt two layers of fabric together. Cut away the top layer using Natalie's signature reverse appliqué technique, then explore some variations using embroidery floss and backstitch.
Continue exploring appliqué techniques as you look at positive appliqué: stitching shapes onto surfaces instead of cutting them away. Natalie shows you how to use the four key stitches, add beads to simple stitches, plus dimensional techniques such as relief appliqué and couching.
Build on previous lessons by combining beading and appliqué techniques for inspired new designs. Follow along as Natalie walks you through beaded couching, inside and accent beading, faded beading and more. Finally, learn how to add texture, sparkle and dimension to garments and home accessories that you already own. Plus get Natalie's tips on how to plan for future projects and use your practice swatches two different ways.
6 Lessons
1  hrs 50  mins

Learn Natalie Chanin’s signature methods for embellishing hand-sewn garments.

Renowned fashion designer Natalie Chanin reveals her appliqué and beading techniques to build beautiful layers of texture through embellishment. Expanding on Natalie’s previous class, “The Swing Skirt: Techniques & Construction,” learn four key stitches and Natalie’s signature techniques to embellish any garment or home accessory with beads, sequins and more. You’ll be provided with a toolbox of creative possibilities to expand your skills and create more artistic designs.

Natalie Chanin

Based in Florence, Alabama, Natalie "Alabama" Chanin is the founder and creative director of the popular lifestyle company Alabama Chanin and The School of Making, its educational counterpart. Natalie strives for complete sustainability at every stage of the manufacturing process. In 2013, she won the CFDA/Lexus Eco-Fashion Challenge, an award that celebrates great American designers working in sustainable fashion. Natalie has a degree in Environmental Design with a focus on industrial and craft-based textiles from North Carolina State University.

Natalie Chanin

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