Dédé Wilson

Coffee Shop Cakes: Good to the Last Crumb

Dédé Wilson
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Meet Dédé Wilson, founder of Bakepedia and your guide to delicious coffee-shop cakes. As you jump into making your first cake, a cinnamon crumb cake, you'll learn some essential baking techniques, from measuring to creaming and mixing. You can also try a modern flavor variation.
The classic pound cake is an incredible combination of qualities: dense, moist and delicious. There's no leaven to help create a tender crumb, so Dédé shows you tricks for working with ingredients and choosing the right pan to get you the results you desire.
What makes a modern pound cake modern can be summed up in one word: leaven. Dédé shows how a little rise can help you get the taste and texture you want in these delicious variations on the classic cake: marbled for the chocoholics in your life, and lemon poppy seed for citrus lovers.
The classic streusel coffee cake is the first to combine three different elements, along with a ring pan. Watch as Dédé takes the crumb topping from Lesson 1 and adds nuts, then layers it into her batter. Then watch as she demonstrates the proper way to make a glaze for an added dimension of flavor.
This lesson is all about pans and the incredible designs you can achieve by having the right tools. Watch as Dédé bakes two cakes, an almond tea cake and brown sugar-apple cake, and shares techniques for making the perfect caramel drizzle and getting the most out of nut toppings.
The ridges of the bundt pan give this cake its signature shape. Dédé adds a sweet secret to this classic with a "tunnel" of flavor. Watch as she prepares a coconut-filled chocolate cake inspired by Almond Joy candy bars. Then learn how to make a blueberry bundt cake that is out of this world.
Dédé finishes the class with a series of invaluable tips on the tools you'll be using in your kitchen. No two pans are created equal, and she'll show you how to find the right one for the right job. She'll also reveal a number of insider secrets to ensure you're always working with the best ingredients.
7 Lessons
2  hrs 30  mins

Learn how to bake the best breakfast cakes around with insider tips and techniques from bestselling cookbook author and Bakepedia founder, Dédé Wilson. In this course, she’ll share her best-kept secrets for creating coffee shop treats that will leave your mouth watering!

First, you’ll develop an understanding of the pans, ingredients and preparation necessary for the delicious results you want. Then, Dédé will show you how to create tempting cinnamon crumb cake, three types of pound cakes (classic, marbled and lemon poppy seed), decadent streusel, blueberry muffins and bundt cakes inspired by Almond Joy candy bars! Plus, she’ll help you master fillings, toppings and more for cakes that go above and beyond to satisfy and impress. By the end of the course, you might even consider opening your own coffee shop to fill with these delicious treats!

Dédé Wilson

Dédé Wilson has been working in the restaurant industry for nearly 30 years. She is the author of 14 books, including the bestsellers A Baker’s Field Guide to Christmas Cookies and Wedding Cakes You Can Make. Additionally, Dédé is the founder of Bakepedia, a contributing editor to Bon Appétit magazine and a special contributor to The Daily Meal. She also appears on television shows such as TODAY and The Dr. Oz Show.

Dédé Wilson

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