Emily Harding

Back-to-Basics Joyful Yoga: Satya

Emily Harding
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50  mins

Whether you’re starting your yoga journey or have been practicing awhile, this joy-filled vinyasa class will help bring some sunshine into your day, as you take time to explore your alignment in asana and to understand yogic philosophy and theory. Using props, you’ll befriend and celebrate the body for all it does, building a little heat and strength before winding down with some yin-style poses for deep relaxation. Occasionally, classes will feature introductions to different pranayama and meditation techniques. Expect to leave smiling.

Satya, or “truthfulness,” will bring you joy, helping you accept your body as it is and give it what it needs. Grab some cushions or pillows and get started to follow along with instructor Emily Harding.

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Emily Harding

Emily Harding is a London-based yoga teacher who is passionate about helping you find your own joy and love your own body through yoga. Initially trained in Ashtanga in India, Emily has also trained in Rocket, Yin & Mindfulness, and Power Yoga. Her classes are filled with joyful energy, body acceptance and thoughtful, accessible sequencing to help everyone feel their very best on and off their mats. While she is very serious about her responsibility to leave every student in a better state than they joined her in, she does this with a light-hearted approach to sharing the science and ancient wisdom of yoga.

Emily Harding
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