Baby Photography at Home: Capture the First Year

Sandy Puc'
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Meet instructor Sandy Puc'! Sandy begins by tuning you into some of the challenges that can come with photographing a baby. She also explains how to plan your shoot according to some key age milestones, create the perfect environment and prep parents to be as helpful as possible.
You don't need expensive gear to capture a beautiful baby portrait, but you do need to understand your settings! Sandy shows you where to start and how to adjust for the perfect exposure. She'll also share her picks for lenses and tripods.
Lighting is one of the most important elements of any photograph, and it's especially key when it comes to portraits. In this lesson, Sandy walks you through choosing the most flattering light and helps you modify it to fit your needs. You'll also discover helpful insights for placing your subject.
It's time to dive into the most fun and challenging part of baby photography: posing! Sandy makes sure you get some key information on safety and moves on to recommend a variety of heartwarming poses for newborns.
Capture how much baby means to the family by getting everyone in the mix! You'll learn great ways to use parents as props and discover how to work siblings into the portrait.
Now that you know the rules of the road for newborns, turn your focus to 3- to 9-months-olds. With this sometimes fussy age group, timing is key! Sandy lays out how to set yourself up for success pre-shoot, and shares tips to keep babies happy and engaged during your session.
As any parent knows, 1 year and up is a whole new ballgame. Follow along and find out what to expect from a child who can stand and walk. Sandy even ends this lesson with pointers for a successful cake smash session.
7 Lessons
2  hrs 33  mins

Portraits of baby’s first year are some of the most important and sentimental photos you’ll ever take, so make sure they do that special little cutie justice! Join professional photographer and worldwide educator Sandy Puc’ and learn how to photograph babies using techniques for keepsake photos you’ll look back on fondly for years. During class, you’ll discover how to solve the potential challenges of photographing babies and steps to set up the perfect photo environment. You’ll start with newborns, learning how to best dial in your camera settings, achieve the ideal lighting and pose your baby. Then, turn your focus to babies 3 to 9 months old. You’ll even finish with tips and techniques for photographing infants 1 year and up.

Sandy Puc'

Sandy Puc' has a passion for connecting with people. That passion, coupled with her ability to capture her subjects’ personalities, has made her one of the world's premier portrait photographers. She holds the prestigious titles of "Print Master" and "Explorer of Light" from Canon USA and has previously served on the board of directors for the Professional Photographers of America. Sandy is a passionate educator and travels the world sharing her knowledge of the industry through Sandy Puc' Tours and numerous speaking engagements.


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