Asian Wrap & Roll

Jaden Hair
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Meet chef, cookbook author and blogger Jaden Hair and learn more about the cooking techniques and delicious dishes covered in your class. Then, dive right into making Vietnamese spring rolls as Jaden shows how to choose and prepare the ingredients, sharing tips for improving your knife skills along the way. Roll up fresh vegetables and herbs -- plus shrimp, pork or chicken if you desire -- for a great meal, appetizer or snack. Recipes for two kinds of accompanying sauces are included.
Jaden helps you choose the perfect lettuce for this Thai treat filled with chopped, stir-fried chicken (or pork), red pepper and shallots, topped with sizzling pao pao sauce and peanuts. Learn about different types of rice and ways to prepare it, plus tips for handling ingredients such as chili peppers and for stir-frying in a wok. You won't be able to wait to make this dish!
Get ready to roll up some sushi with Jaden's guidance. Learn how to choose and store fresh, sushi-grade fish and how to slice it for your rolls. Then get the rest of your ingredients together, including sushi rice, ginger and horseradish, plus a delicious seared tuna that you'll be tempted to eat right away.
With your sushi ingredients prepared, get rolling with Jaden's expert guidance. Learn how to set up your bamboo rolling mat and choose the right nori (dried seaweed). See how to roll a traditional sushi roll with the nori on the outside, and an inside-out roll with the rice on the outside. Discover how to prepare a temaki hand roll -- perfect for letting dinner guests choose their own fillings. Get tips for using up any leftover ingredients, too!
Jaden's most-requested recipe is for the Chinese egg rolls her mother taught her how to make, and now it can be your favorite treat, too! Learn which wrappers are best and how to prepare the filling using ground pork and vegetables. If you like, you can use ground turkey or other meat, or no meat at all and extra vegetables. Wrapping the rolls snugly is key, and Jaden shows you how before frying them. Jaden also share her dad's tip for the best way to eat egg rolls, too!
Thin, marinated strips of sautéed beef are the hallmark of Korean barbecue. Combine them in a tortilla with homemade Korean-style kimchi and spicy Thai sriracha sauce for a truly international treat. Jaden walks you through preparing this meal, and once you know how to make your own kimchi and sriracha, you'll love having these condiments for many meals to come!
6 Lessons
3  hrs 10  mins

Join award-winning blogger Jaden Hair as she shares recipes straight from her kitchen and shows you how to transform a few ingredients into family-friendly meals that please. Perfect Vietnamese spring rolls with Jaden’s tips for slicing and cooking veggies, shrimp or chicken, and roll them tightly for the crispiest crunch around. Then, create delectable lettuce wraps packed with stir-fried chicken and spicy-sweet pao pao sauce. Think sushi is only for takeout? Think again as you learn how to select sushi-grade fish and expertly assemble traditional rolls or temaki hand rolls. You’ll even discover the secrets behind Jaden’s most requested recipe – her mother’s homemade Chinese egg rolls. Plus, add favorite Korean barbecue to your weekly repertoire with marinated beef sautéed to juicy perfection and topped with homemade cucumber kimchi and spicy Thai sriracha!

Jaden Hair

Jaden Hair is the award-winning blogger behind SteamyKitchen.com. She has written two cookbooks, The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook and Steamy Kitchen's Healthy Asian Favorites, and her work is regularly featured on outlets including Today, Oprah.com and Martha Stewart Living Radio.


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