Ashley Hough

Adding Texture with Trapunto Quilting

Ashley Hough
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Learn what trapunto quilting is and see several different examples of how it can be done. You will also learn what tools you will need to create each of the different trapunto techniques.
Ashley demonstrates how to do traditional trapunto quilting. You will see step by step how to baste your fabric in place, stitch a quilting design and then stuff it. Once a design has been stuffed, your fabric can be layered and quilted as normal.
Learn how to do machine trapunto quilting. Layer, stitch and trim away excess batting to create a raised effect. You'll also see how this technique can be combined with appliqué.
See how the hand trapunto method allows you to add extra texture to your quilt even after it has been quilted and bound. See what tools you need and see how it is done.
Ashley demonstrates how to do shadow trapunto, which is considered more decorative than the other trapunto methods. Learn how to use layers of batting and sheer fabric to highlight a quilted shape or design.
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6 Lessons
1  hrs 13  mins

In this class you will learn how to add extra texture and design to your quilts with trapunto. You will learn what trapunto quilting is, where it originated and how to create it several different ways.

First, Ashley Hough will teach you how trapunto was done a long time ago using a traditional trapunto method. This method requires an extra layer of fabric to be basted in place. Then, a shape or design is stitched and the extra layer of fabric is cut open and stuffed. You will see how you can do this technique using both hand and machine stitching. Originally trapunto was done entirely by hand, but machine stitching can save time.

Next, learn how to do trapunto quilting entirely on your machine to achieve the same look in a shorter amount of time. This is done by using extra layers of batting underneath a stitched shape or design rather than stuffing.

You will also learn how to use a hand trapunto method which enables you to add extra texture to a quilt even after it has been quilted and bound. Rather than use stuffing or batting, this technique utilizes a large needle and thick yarn.

Finally, learn how to do a fun decorative trapunto technique called shadow trapunto, which highlights quilted shapes with extra layers of batting underneath a sheer fabric.

Ashley will take you step-by-step through each of these techniques so you can master them all and decide which one to try out on your next quilting project.

Ashley Hough

Ashley Hough is a quilt designer, pattern maker, instructor, and lover of all things quilting. After learning to sew at the young age of 6 years old, she later discovered the joy of quilting and has grown her skills over the past 15 years. "I love quilting because I love the design process—being able to start with a blank page and essentially create whatever I want." Ashley's designs and patterns have been published in a variety of magazines and her work can be found on National Quilters Circle.

Ashley Hough

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