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scribing the pins

Dovetailing: How to Mark the Pins From the Tails

By Rob Porcaro
At this point in our dovetail joinery journey, the tails will be used as a template to mark out the pins, which are the sockets into which the tails will fit. This is a critical step that must be done accurately to have any hope of a well-fitting joint. Read more »
Screw chucks require a starting hole in the work piece

Helpful Tips for Mounting Work in a Chuck on a Lathe

By Ed Pretty
Chucks are one of the handiest ways of holding work on the lathe. There are a few types of chucks but the most common and versatile are the 4-jaw, self-centering chucks. Let’s talk about things to be aware of in general use and ways of taking advantage of that versatility. Read more »
dovetail saw cuts

How to Saw Dovetails — Accurately!

By Rob Porcaro
Making a good dovetail joint largely comes down to accurate sawing. That requires fully focusing the mind and the body, as well as attending to the fine points of technique that I'll discuss here. Those carefully made layout lines for the tails await the saw's teeth, so let's get started. Read more »
Cutting with the bevel in contact with the wood

The ABCs of Woodturning: The Basics

By Ed Pretty

Following the A, B and C of woodturning basics will give you the ability to control any tool to get the direction and depth of cut that you want to produce the form that you want. Tool control is everything in woodturning.

Read more »