Tip Tuesday: Add Some Summer Style To Your Favorite Crafts

Summer is officially here! And while you may opt to spend more time outdoors, that doesn’t mean you have to cut back on your crafting. We’ve compiled a list of fun and easy ways to incorporate your creativity into your summer plans, regardless your craft!

colorful beach quilt

1Make and take a quilt

Who doesn’t love the beach? Sunscreen, check! Umbrella, check! Towels, check! What’s missing? A beach blanket, of course. Make your own colorful and customizable quilts for those hot summer days.

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Clear toiletry bag

2Sew for your travels

Regardless of where your summer destination is, toiletries are always on the “pack it” list. Learn how to create a personalized and transparent (TSA-approved!) toiletry bag for all your adventures.

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crocheted halter top

3Crochet away

Crocheting doesn’t have to be for just the winter months. While scarves and hats are great, branch out with a fun summer crochet project! This halter top is a great way to add crocheting to your list of summer activities. Whether you make it for you or as a gift, this top is sure to receive praise for its uniqueness.

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twilight photography

4Stay out till dark

With longer days and warmer nights, it’s time to take your photography skills to the next level! While it may be intimidating to stay out past dark to capture magic moments, the blue hour can be the best time to shoot.

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knitted sun hats

5Knit up some love

Sun hats are all the rage during summertime but they don’t have to be made solely from straw and polyester fabrics. Put your knitting skills to the test to create these wonderful knit sun hats for the little tikes in your life.

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BBQ cupcakes

6Bake with burgers and dogs

Cupcakes and barbecues: debatably two of the best things ever invented. So, why not combine them? These cupcakes are absolutely adorable and will be a huge hit regardless of whether you’re actually at barbecue.

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Seascape Watercolor

7Enjoy the view

Not only are oceans relaxing, but watercolors are also an extremely calming medium. Whether you are lucky enough to be sitting on the ocean painting your view or you are gaining inspiration via other channels, seascapes and nautical themes are perfect for summertime.

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Summer Ratatouille

7Cook up some color

Zucchini and summer squash are two of the yummiest summer veggies. Homegrown or store bought, stumbling across a great new recipe to try using your favorite go-to summer vegetables is equally as wonderful.

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