Sweet Strawberry Meringues to Share on Valentine’s Day

Whip up something sweet this Valentine’s Day! These easy heart-shaped strawberry meringues with a little white chocolate drizzle are fun, adorable and delicious too. Make them extra sweet by decorating them with Valentine-themed sprinkles, sparkling sanding sugar or edible rose petals.

Meringue hearts recipe and tutorial by Juniper Cakery

Keep it sweet this Valentine’s Day with our strawberry and white chocolate meringues!

Meringue hearts recipe by Juniper Cakery
Mastering Meringue: Techniques & Treats

Mastering Meringue: Techniques & Treats

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What you need:

Step 1:  

Recipe for love heart meringues by Juniper Cakery

Pre-heat your oven to 160 C (fan) / 180 C (non-fan) / 325 F / gas mark 4.

Now pour the caster or superfine sugar onto a baking tray and place it your pre-heated oven for around 5 minutes. This helps the sugar dissolve much better when making the meringue — meaning no grainy meringue!

Step 2:

Recipe for heart shaped meringues by Juniper Cakery

Add the egg whites to the bowl of a stand mixer. A metal bowl is best, as it doesn’t hold on to grease or fat, which can hinder your eggs whipping up nicely. Begin whipping the egg whites on high speed.

Step 3:

Recipe for Valentine's Day meringues by Juniper Cakery

Once your whites look similar to cappuccino foam, add in the cream of tartar and whip to a soft peak consistency.

Step 4:

Recipe and tutorial for heart shaped meringues by Juniper Cakery

Switch your mixer’s speed to low and spoon in the heated caster sugar one tablespoon at a time. Once added, put your mixer on medium to high speed.

Step 5:

Meringue recipe by Juniper Cakery

Now add in your food coloring and strawberry flavoring! Switch your mixer’s speed back to low for less mess. Once added, change your mixer’s speed back to high and whip your meringue into lovely stiff peaks.


Try not to add too much flavoring, as this can help make a sloppy meringue mix that’s too wet and won’t hold shape. Stay away from liquid food coloring, too. This can really change the consistency of any meringue, icing, batter or frosting you make. Instead, opt for gel or paste colors.

Step 6:

When your meringue is ready use a spatula or palette knife to transfer it to a disposable piping bag fitted with a plain round piping tip. Meringue mixture doesn’t generally move on its own accord, so you’ll have to move the mixture down to the tip once you’re ready to pipe.

Step 7:

How to pipe love heart meringues

Create a heart template as a guide. Trace your heart-shaped cookie cutter on parchment paper. Make sure the hearts are spaced at least 2 – 3 cm apart. Slide the template underneath a transparent silicone baking mat.

Step 8:

How to pipe heart shaped meringues

Pipe out a series of hearts with your meringue mixture, following your pre-made template. This sounds scary, but all you need to do is pipe two slanted teardrop-like shapes that slightly overlap each other at the tapered ends.

Step 9:

Place a think baking tray on the top rack; then place the sheet of meringues below the tray. This stops the meringues from browning — you want to keep that fun shade of pink! Bake for 25-35 minutes.

Step 10:

White chocolate meringueStrawberry and white chocolate meringue

Let the meringues cool. Then, melt white chocolate (or candy melts) and drizzle over your meringues. You can drizzle it using a teaspoon, or you can add the chocolate to a disposable piping bag, snip the end and pipe! Finally, decorate with sprinkles, sanding sugar or other decorations.

Strawberry and white chocolate meringue recipe

You can box up your pretty strawberry meringues and finish with a bow, bag them up with homemade marshmallows or display your sweets on a stylish cake stand for Valentine’s Day.

Try swapping the strawberry flavor for another — maybe raspberry or cherry. You could also dip each piece in dark chocolate and sprinkle it with crushed nuts. Or, decorate them with your own homemade sprinkles!

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