Star Wars Cakes: Adventures in Cake Decorating

We’ve been highlighting unique and fun cake decorating achievements on the blog lately, but between Minnie Mouse cakes and Hello Kitty cakes, the designs have been skewing a bit female. Today, however, we highlight some cake decorating projects that are a little more for the boys, or at least just as much for the boys as they are for the girls: Star Wars cakes!  From the Death Star to 3CPO, the Star Wars movies are filled with all kinds of great set pieces and characters that can be turned into fun, adventurous, and delicious cakes. Cake decorating members of our Bluprint community seem to be aware of that already, as we recently uncovered a number of astronomically awesome Star Wars cakes in our project section. Here are some of our favorites:

Yoda Cake

“Master fondant you must to create something this good!” That’s what we imagine this (incredibly accurate) Yoda by ABVcakes is saying.

Star Wars Death Star Cake

Home to none other than Darth Vader himself: the death star! Not nearly as scary when it’s in cake form via Janci76.

[one_half_last]Star Wars Cake

Here’s everyone’s favorite robot topping this festive birthday cake: R2D2! Note the other Star Wars characters surrounding the cake at its base-very nice touches by cuppycake.[/one_half_last]

If these Star Wars cakes have you inspired to whip up some adventurous sculpted cakes of your own, check out the online cake decorating class Cake-osaurus Rex, right here at Bluprint!

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