25+ Gifts to Sew for Anyone and Any Occasion

Sewing gifts can be a special way to say “I care about you.” Check out our list of gifts you can sew for anyone and everyone!

Gifts to sew for a foodie

1. Casserole Carrier

Your friend who loves to cook will make good use of this casserole carrier. Snaps and zippers keep the dish save, and foam interfacing acts as insulation. 

2. Easy Bowl Cover

These 10-minute bowl covers are easy to put together and would make a nice gift for those who love to eat outside or bring treats to share. I would try these with a cotton drawstring instead of flat elastic to make them microwaveable.

3. Microwaveable Potato Sack

Practical gifts that get used often, like this microwaveable potato sack, can be very much appreciated, especially for eco-conscious friends. Personalize this gift by using a fun print — but don’t forget to use 100 percent cotton to make it safe for the microwave.

Sewing gifts for your crafty friends

4. Tailor’s Ham and Pressing Tools

Do you have at least one sewing friend who still doesn’t have a tailor’s ham or a sausage roll to press seams? Here’s the perfect gift!

5. Needle Book

Help a friend organize her pins or hand needles in a cute way. You don’t have to own a sewing machine to sew this easy gift.

6. Sewing Machine Needle Organizer

This sewing machine needles organizer is well engineered: You can place each needle into the fabric it’s intended for. This way you’ll be able to choose the right one the next time you sew the same fabric!

7. Knitting and Crocheting Organizers

Knitters and crocheters will appreciate these storage case. Think outside the box, too: They could be used for makeup brushes, as a purse organizer or to carry school supplies.

Gifts for eco-friendly friends

8. Drawstring Gift Bags

Fill these stash-busting gift bag with candies, nuts, handmade soaps or cookies. Embroider a tag with their name to make them even more personal.

9. Rolled Kitchen Towels

Sew these eco-friendly, reusable kitchen towels in a roll! Bonus: They’re very approachable for brand new sewers.

Gifts to sew for bookworms 

10. Rabbit Bookmark

What about a hand sewn felt bookmark, as a gift for those friends who love to read the old-fashioned way? Looks like a quick project to put together, once you’ve cut all the felt pieces!

11. Book Cover with Handles

A great gift you can sew for a book lover who reads on the go is this book cover with handles. The instructions are written so you can customize dimensions to any book.

Gifts to sew for expecting parents

12. Knot Bunny Comforters

Newborns love these easy knot bunny baby comforters made of minky or soft fleece.

13. Baby Clips

This kind of baby accessories can be surprisingly expensive if store-bought. But they’re easy enough to make if you just can sew a straight line!

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Gifts to sew for kids 

14. Oven Mitts for Kids

A child-sized oven mitt is the perfect gift for kids who dream want to be chefs when they grow up! Make sure you test the batting to make sure it keeps those little hands safe from burning.

15. Black Cat Hat

This fully lined hat, with ear warmers, can be made with of pre-loved materials (like old fleece garments and vintage bed sheets). It would make a nice Halloween gift or costume accessory. It’s easy to put together in an afternoon and you can get creative by customizing the animal’s face.

16. Mermaid Tail

Any kid aged 5 to 12 will adore this quick-to-sew mermaid tail blanket, which can be used as a sleeping bag or for lounging on the couch. The designer suggests using minky or fleece to avoid batting.

17. Scarf with Claw Mitts

Kids love to pretend to be monsters, dinosaurs, bears or any other scary animal. Sew one of these scarves with claw mittens to make sure they want to wear it when it’s cold outside. 

18. Kitty Cat Plushies

Tiny plushies are always a great gift, and the handmade kind are even better. Adding cording at the top of these kitties to make a key chain charm.

19. Travel Games

This set of travel games — including checkers and tic-tac-toe — can be used on the go. Zippered pouches make sure small pieces never get lost.

20. Marble Maze

Traveling with kids can become a nightmare if you don’t have enough games to offer. This marble maze is perfect for toddlers.

Gifts to for anyone!

21. Fountain Pen Coffee Cozy

Use up your adorable scraps and a hair elastic to sew this quick and easy gift while saving money. Wrap it around a travel mug or hot cup of coffee to complete the gift.

22. Vinyl Coupon Wallet

It’s meant for coupons, but you could store business cards, punch cards, or cash in this vinyl wallet. The vinyl makes it durable but also a bit tricky to sew.

23. Lunch Bag

Here’s the perfect gift for your lunch buddy! Add her name or an embroidered design to the front pocket to make it even more special.

24. Beach Bag

For the person who’s always on the go, make this sturdy bag is. It’s full of professional details, like the zippered pouch, the piping and the magnetic snaps.

25. Flat Zipper Pouch

These zipper pouches are quick and easy and will build up your sewing skills. They’re fully lined and feature zipper tabs on each end for a polished look. Fill them with beauty tools, school supplies, or something special for a more personalized touch.

26. Wine Bag

This is a quick and easy project you can whip up in a less than an hour! The gift inside is just as great as its wrapping.

27. Eyelashes Sleeping Mask

Whip up a one (or more) of these sleeping masks for friends who have trouble falling asleep. The eyelashes are optional!

28. Speedy Blanket

A blanket always comes handy, whether it’s for couch snuggling or picnicking. This simple two-sided blanket can be made of any size and any material you like. 

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