Wedding Cake Wednesday: Romantic Cake Ideas

Sometimes you just want to be swept off your feet by lace, ruffles and roses, even in cake decorating! These elegant cakes by students enrolled in the Bluprint class Elegant Lace Cakes with Zoe Clark will do just that. From intricate piping techniques to lace fondant molds, elegance is just a fine ivory ruffle away!

Tiered Lace Cake on

Photo via Bluprint instructor Zoe Clark

Dainty lace wedding dress inspired cake:

Elegant Lace Cakes instructor Zoe Clark created this elegant ivory colored wedding cake inspired by the very fine details on a bride’s wedding gown. The perfect pearlescent buttons remind me of a Victorian woman’s satin kid gloves and the sweet, short ruffled tier is reminiscent of a bridal garter belt hidden under a lace wedding dress. Lovely!

Pink Cake with White Lace and Roses

Photo via EZtheBakingOwl

Lace and floral tea party cake:

Royal icing lines mixed with fondant lace appliqué style flowers creates the look of a finely crocheted lace doily. This is perfect for an ultra girly tea party or as a bridal shower cake. The contrasting coral pink fondant allows the lacework to shine through.

Tiered Green and White Lace Cake

Photo via Latoya M

Gorgeous-in-green ruffles and lace wedding cake:

Each tier of this beautiful wedding cake boasts its own decorative style, from eyelet fondant lace to the bottom tier of ruffly rosette fondant, so similar to petticoat layers a fine lady of yesteryear would wear.  The whole cake is balanced by one brightly colored sugar poppy in a burst of sunburst orange.

Tiered White Lace Cake - Bluprint Member Project

Photo via Sandra Frearson

White fondant lace appliqué cake:

This tiered white fondant wedding cake by Bluprint member Sandra Frearson features the use of lace appliqué look molds to create a tall, simple, feminine and romantic monochromatic wedding cake. I like the idea of trying this one in a vibrant color, or even black fondant with black fondant lace molds.

Tiered White Cake Covered with Blue Flowers

Photo via La Cocina de In

Royal icing party dress inspired cake:

With a ruffly frilly skirt, a royal icing lace piped bodice, and a turquoise teal sugar rose hat, this cake looks like it’s ready to walk down the aisle. Hand piped royal icing creates an overall lace look to the cake tiers. Learn how to create your own perfectly petaled roses like these in Nicholas Lodge’s Bluprint course The Ultimate Sugar Rose.
Lace, Tiered White Wedding Cake

Photo via Mrs. Nisch

Zoe Clark inspired lace wedding dress cake

Bluprint member Mrs. Nisch did an awesome job re-creating a Zoe Clark lace wedding cake design! I’ve really fallen in love with this cake design and style that finds inspiration in textile and fashion design.

[box type=”shadow”]In love with the idea of royal icing, fondant molds and several other unique and secret techniques Zoe Clark uses to create her delicate lace wedding dress inspired cakes? Check out her class Elegant Lace Cakes to learn all of her cake decorating styles and secrets.[/box]

Are you in love with these elegant lace cakes?

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