Craftsy Wedding Cakes: You May Now Kiss the Bride!

Bluprint User Wedding Cakes

There are few events or celebrations in the world that compare to weddings. Whether they’re destination weddings, themed weddings, grand weddings, or the small intimate kind, they’re almost always memorable, fun-filled events marked by happiness, friendship, and, of course, love. But there’s one other thing that are distinct about weddings: the cake! You’ll find no mere birthday cake at weddings. Rather, you often find desserts that are sculpted, crafted, designed to look almost as good as the bride herself. Looking through some of the projects on Bluprint, we noticed that quite a few know exactly what we mean and have been busy creating unforgettable wedding cakes. Impressed were we! So we thought it would be a good idea to highlight a few of our favorites.

Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake

Getting married is usually referred to as “settling down,” but this cake seems to think otherwise; in fact, this topsy-turvy cake seems to defy gravity entirely! This whimsical take on the traditional wedding cake design certainly signals fun times ahead for the bride and groom.

Taj Mahal Wedding Cake

The Taj Mahal would probably make a great place for a wedding. But, we hear it can be tough to get reservations. So, consider a stunningly detailed wedding cake modeled after the Wonder of the World, instead!

[one_third_last]Wedding Dress Cake

Choosing a wedding dress can be very difficult; choosing a cake can be very difficult. We’re not sure if choosing a cake that’s modeled after a wedding dress is twice as hard, or only half! Either way, we love this unique take on wedding cake design.[/one_third_last]

If you’re looking to make a wedding cake that makes a statement, check out the Bluprint cake decorating class Jeweled Wedding Cake, instructed by Marina Sousa!

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