Letters to the Editor: Seeking Pattern Drafting Instructor

This week, we received an intriguing letter from Liz in Alexandria, Virginia who wants to know if Bluprint is planning to offer a class on how to draft flat pattern blocks. Turns out, we’ve been thinking about doing a class on that very subject and are actively looking for a terrific instructor.

Leave a comment on this post if you know someone who would be a great instructor for this class (or if you would be one yourself).

Meanwhile, here’s Liz’s letter to the editor. If any of you newsletter readers would like to submit a letter to the editor, please do so at editor@craftsy.com

Dear Editor,

I am waiting with bated breath for Gretchen Hirsch’s Starlet Suit Jacket class. I can’t wait to take that in addition to Susan Khalje’s new class The Couture Dress. The only thing Bluprint hasn’t offered yet that I would love to see is a series of classes on flat-pattern drafting from scratch. There are recent books galore on copying things you already own, on altering commercial patterns to fit, etc. But there seems to be a real dearth of classes available that teach how to take a set of proper measurements and draft flat pattern blocks from them. For ladies like myself, who don’t fit either commercial pattern sizes or commonly available retail clothing, this is an invaluable skill for sewing our own wardrobes full of cute clothes we’d never otherwise be able to wear. I think this would also help boost folks who sew well for themselves, but who would like to be able to sew for others as a business.

I would gladly pay a monthly subscription for a year’s worth of classes of this sort, especially with the faculty Bluprint has been able to attract. Is this something you have in consideration, or would consider producing in the not-too-distant future?

Thanks for all you do already!

Liz C.
Alexandria, VA

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13 Responses to “Letters to the Editor: Seeking Pattern Drafting Instructor”
  1. Leonor Calaca
    Leonor Calaca

    I would love to see a Pattern Drafting course on Craftsy (in fact, I’m reading this after searching for that subject on your site).
    I don’t have an instructor in mind, but can I PLEASE ask you to include metric measurements? Us folk in Europe would be extremely grateful. Thanks!

  2. Eugenie Burton
    Eugenie Burton

    I was just searching for this course on here. I thought it would have been on here already. Sarah from @thesewingretreat or Janice Croft google Janice Croft Dressmaking

  3. yoshihenry@msn.com

    I would love a flat pattern drafting class. It’s the reason I’m here today. I was looking for a pattern drafting class.

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Customer,

      Patterns are still getting added to the site. I apologize for the wait.

      Thank you.

  4. Kathleen

    I too would love a class beginning with taking measurements to drafting pattern to final sloper blocks.

  5. viviennea18781382

    Suzy Furrer covers all this wonderfully, I have her book too, she is fantastic

  6. Louise Glenn
    Louise Glenn

    I second this suggestion! I would be interested in a class of Pattern Drafting. I learned about Pattern Drafting from a woman in Raleigh, NC. (I’m now living in SC). I’ve no idea if she would be interested but she taught sewing and pattern drafting (from a sloper) for many years in Wake County Public Schools. She now operates her own business. Her name is Nan Alexander of Pins and Needles Studio in Raleigh, NC. I believe she can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn. Good Luck.

  7. bolugbon@unilag.edu.ng

    The classes by Suzzy Furrer teach pattern drafting, and she’s a great teacher too!