Monsters to Love: Share the Sewing Love This Season

Last year, Bluprint was visited by A Monster to Love, a Colorado-based organization run by a father and his two young sons that is dedicated to sewing loveable monsters for children who really need a stuffed friend in their lives. Each year, the organization gives huggable monsters to children in hospitals and orphanages, young refugees and those who might not be able to afford a cuddly companion.

During the holiday season, A Monster to Love receives handmade monsters from crafters around the country and gives them to children through organizations such as Realities for Children and World Relief. Last year, just a little while after Ray Tollison and his sons, Sam and Ben, led Crafty employees in creating a collection of fabulous monsters to send to those in need, we put out a call for monsters from our Bluprint members. We were excited for our members to be a part of it!

Due to such an overwhelming response from our members last year, we’re putting out another call for monsters this holiday season!

Want to help?

This year, Ray and his sons are looking forward to getting even more monsters made with love by our Bluprint members to send to children in need. If you’d like to spread some monster love during the holidays this year, gather your fleece and your friends, and have some fun creating these cute and snuggly creatures!

When should your monsters be ready to go?

Once you have a monster or two (or even more!) ready to go, pack them up and ship them off to Monster H.Q. The address, and everything else you need to know, is on the last page of the pattern.

Do I need to send my monster in?

Of course not! If you’d prefer, make a monster and donate it to your local children’s charity. The important thing it to spread cheer with your sewing talents!

How many monsters are you going to sew this holiday season?

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