Minnie Mouse Cakes: Magical Cake Decorating Projects!

Disney has long been a favorite of kids. Among the many Disney characters, few are as popular as Mickey’s counterpart: Minnie Mouse! No surprise, then, that so many young girls are giddy to find themselves presented with Minnie Mouse birthday cakes on their special days. We took a look around the Bluprint project area and found tons of great examples of Minnie Mouse-decorated cakes. Here are a few of our favorites!

Cake Decorating Projects: Minnie Mouse

Who knew you could take Minnie Mouse, and turn it into a cake decorating project that is absolutely elegant? That’s exactly what Bluprint member, Redhead1946, did here!

With fondant and sugarpaste, Bluprint member Matm created a lovely cake, topped with a Minnie Mouse who seems to be saying, “Surprise!”
[one_half_last]And finally, here is a cake that just fills you with joy! A fine example of cake decorating skills in this perfect representation of Minnie by Bluprint user Cake In Colours.[/one_half_last]

Bluprint Minnie Mouse Cakes
[one_half_last]Bluprint Minnie Mouse Cakes[/one_half_last]


If you’re interested in being able to make a Minnie Mouse cake, or any other kind of fun, festive, decorative dessert, check out the online cake decorating class Cake-osaurus Rex, from Bluprint!

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