12 Knit Braid Patterns for Twisting & Turning Texture

There are plenty of ways to add texture to our knitting, whether it’s a simple pattern like seed stitch or a pretty cable. But one texture that always seems to stand out in a crowd is the knitted braid.

Knit braids can be created in so many ways. The appear in cables, of course, but they can also be made by knitting i-cords and braiding them by hand. You might also see knit braids pop up in color work.

Check out a few different types of braids in these texture-filled designs.

Sideways Braid Beanie Knitting Pattern

Photo via Katrine H. Designs

1. Sideways Braid Beanie

Here’s another example where the braid is knit side to side. This braid looks like several pieces of knit fabric braided together by hand, but it’s actually just a giant cable that criss-crosses. If you know how to knit a cable, you’ll have no problems with this beauty.

iPhone Braid Cover Knitting Pattern

Photo via Naonu

2. iPhone Braid Cover

Sometimes a braid can add that little something extra to make a pattern really special. This braid stretches around the bottom of a smartphone case, adding texture and a little extra durability.

River Braid Sweater Knitting Pattern

Photo via Katrine H Designs

3. River Braid Sweater

This sweater features a beautiful braid-like double cable that runs up one sleeve, splits for the neckline, then rejoins to go down the other sleeve. The sweater is knit sideways from cuff to cuff, so you’ll quickly memorize the pattern to create the braid.

Endless Braid Head Wrap Ear Warmer

Photo via McLaughlin Designs Pattern Store

4. Endless Braid Head Wrap Ear Warmer

There are two versions of this head wrap: a thick winter version and a light summer version. Both versions feature the endless braid, which is constructed so that it appears to be infinite with no beginning or end.

Twists and Braids Socks Knitting Pattern

Photo via Knits & Prints

5. Twists & Braids Socks

There’s lots of twisting and turning going on in these socks. Look carefully and among those fab twists you’ll see a braid running up and down the sock to add even more texture. The braid may not be super obvious when you’re knitting, but once the wearer dons the socks, the textures will stretch out and become more visible.

Baltic Braid Cowl Knitting Pattern

Photo via Lisa Ellis Designs

6. Baltic Braid Striped Cowl

Not all braids require cabling or actual braiding. These braids are created using simple colorwork that helps transition from one color to the next in this striped pattern. This is a great way to practice colorwork if you’re new to the technique.

Allison's Braids Knitting Pattern

Photo via Patty’s Knits

7. Allison’s Braids

The designer named this pattern for her kindergarten classmate, Allison, who always wore her hair in thick, beautiful braids. The project is worked in three separate segments, and the braids are stitched using a cable pattern.

Cowl Braid Ladder Knitting Pattern

Photo via Giezen Luxury Knitting

8. Cowl with Braid Ladder

There are many interesting textures at play here in this accessory. You can wear this as a cowl, or you can wear it as a shawl. The braid wraps all the way around the cowl, adding texture that creates a modern look.

Lara Hat Knitting Pattern

Photo via CarolinaGal’s Pattern Store

9. Lara Hat

Designer CarolinaGal isn’t shy about her love of braids. She thinks braids add a touch of class and sophistication, and we couldn’t agree more! This pattern has two options: a hat or a headband.

Latvian Braid Hat Knitting Pattern

Photo via Black Iris

10. Latvian Braid Knit Hat

This hat uses a totally unique technique called a Latvian braid. While this technique might look intimidating at first, it’s actually very simple! Give it a try in this pattern.

The Braid Seamless Coffee Cozy

Photo via Knit Grit

11. The Braid Seamless Coffee Cozy

Whether you’re an experienced cable knitter or brand new to the technique, this pattern is a great way to show off those pretty twists. The small size of this project is perfect for beginner cable knitters, since you’re repeating the same stitch patterns over and over again without interruption.

Moon Hollow Braid Cable Fingerless Gloves Knitting Pattern

Photo via Moon Hollow Knitting

12. Moon Hollow Braid Cable Fingerless Gloves

Don’t be shy about your braiding skills. Display those braids right on top of your hands where everyone can see them. These fingerless gloves feature some lovely twists and turns that will look beautiful and feel cozy.

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