Ice Cream “Accident” Cake Topper Tutorial

We all scream for an ice cream “accident” cake topper! Wouldn’t any candy or junk food look great with a dollop of spilled ice cream on the side? This ice cream “accident” cake topper tutorial will show you how to put a fun and original twist on any novelty cake or sweet treat!

Multi-Layered Candy-Themed Cake with "Spilled Ice Cream Cone" on Side

All you need too make an ice cream “accident” cake topper are:

  • Some Rice Krispies Treats
  • Candy Melts in your choice of color
  • An ice cream cone

Step 1:

Start by shaping the ‘ice cream’ part of the topper. You can use Rice Krispies Treats (RKT) for this, but you could also shape a huge cake pop, or use a styrofoam ball.

Step 2:

Butter an ice cream scoop or ladle and press the RKT into it. Try to flatten the top down as much as you can as this will become the base of your ice cream.

Ice Cream Scoop Filled with Rice Krispies Next to Rice Krispies Package

Step 3:

Turn the RKT shape out of the ice cream scoop or ladle.

Scoop of Rice Krispies on Piece of Plastic

Step 4:

Place the cone on top to gauge whether you have the right size.

Adding Ice Cream Cone on Top of Rice Krispies Scoop

Step 5:

Insert a skewer into the rounded end to give yourself something to hold during the next step.

Skewer Inserted into Scoop of Rice Krispies

Step 6:

Put some candy melts into a microwavable container. Microwave the candy melts in 30 second bursts, stirring frequently, until completely melted. Add 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil if the chocolate is too thick.

It can be tricky to melt chocolate, even candy melts! For tips on melting that might help as you melt your candy, see our tutorial on melting white chocolate.

Small Bowl of Pink Candy Melts

Step 7:

Dip the RKT shape into the candy melts and stir it around until it is coated.

Dipping Scoop of Rice Krispies into Candy Melts

Step 8:

Place the coated RKT on a non-stick surface and pour on a little extra chocolate to one side. When this sets, it should look like a pool of melted ice cream. Remove the skewer now. You can add a few sprinkles to the pool at this point if you wish.

Cooling Dipped "Ice Cream" on Mat

Step 9:

Stick the cone into the chocolate while it is still soft. I prefer to place it at an angle on the opposite side to the melted “pool.”

Cooled "Ice Cream" with Cone Added on Top

Step 10:

When the chocolate has set, peel it off the non-stick surface and put it to one side until you are ready to use it on your cake.

Hand Holding Ice Cream Upright

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