Cakes on Fire: 5 Winning Hunger Games Cakes

As the next installment in the Hunger Games series opens in theaters on November 21st, fans are gearing up for the upcoming premiere and celebrations, which means themed cake designs will be in high demand!

Check out these five fabulous Hunger Games cakes that will ensure that the odds are ever in your favor!

Hunger Games Mocking Jay pin cake

Photo via Bluprint contributor Lesley Wright

Hunger Games Mockingjay pin cake

Lesley Wright of The Royal Bakery created this beautiful cake for a young Hunger Games fan, inspired by the book and movie series. The birthday girl requested an angled Mockingjay pin topper (rather than laying flat on the cake), which Lesley achieved with the use of a wire sandwiched between the two fondant rings, running directly into a support straw inside the cake. The presentation is finished off with personalized fondant letters spelling out the guest of honor’s name and dazzling multi-colored flames.

Learn the techniques Lesley utilized to easily attach the fondant flames to the perimeter of the cake in the Bluprint course Clean & Simple Cake Design with Jessica Harris who teaches her simple approach to transferring patterns to confections.

Hunger Games book cake

Photo via The Designer Cake Company

Hunger Games book cake

For another Hunger Games fan, The Designer Cake Company flawlessly replicated the cover of the initial book from the popular series and transformed into cake form. The cake was covered entirely out of fondant and further decorated in the same medium, inclusive of the marvelous three-dimensional Mockingjay pin protruding from the book.

The title letters were hand-cut to resemble the font found on the cover, while the display is finished off with the cake board covered in printed pages directly from the book. Paying attention to all elements of the cake, including the board, brings the entire presentation together and enhances the aesthetics.

Find out more about personalizing your cakes in Nicholas Lodge’s course Custom Lettering & Monograms where you will learn to create and transfer letters in a variety of mediums and techniques to include messages, such as book titles, into your designs.

Hunger Games Katniss wedding dress cake

Photo via Delectable Cakes

Katniss wedding dress cake

This exquisite Hunger Games-inspired cake was created by Delectable Cakes, taking elements from the main character’s wedding dress and interpreting them in sugar form. The tiers of the cake are covered entirely in buttercream icing. The bottom layer is adorned with cascading black gum paste feathers with an added shine, achieved by hand-painting them with a mixture of vanilla and brown soft gel paste.

The white feathers and lace detail are also molded out of gum paste, while the flames are created from poured sugar and further painted to attain multiple shades. Finally, battery operated tea lights were insert through the inside to add a flicker to the piece. See more details of the Katniss wedding dress cake on Delectable Cakes’ blog.

Learn more about creating lace and cage details accentuating the perimeter of your cakes in the Bluprint course Vintage Cakes, Modern Methods with Colette Peters to add another dimension to your designs.

Katniss Hunger Games cake

Photo via Nerdache Cakes

Katniss Hunger Games cake

This jaw-dropping Hunger Games cake by Nerdache Cakes depicts the main character, Katniss, in a stunningly modeled fondant figure atop a two-tiered cake. All the dramatic details of this cake are just incredible, including the hand-cut and textured feathers, the florals, branches and wood grain, and the gorgeous papercraft-style utilized for the wings.

Practice your figure modeling skills in the course Custom Cake Toppers: Step by Step with Brenda Walton and learn how to make similar natural adornments for your cakes in Sugar Berries, Leaves and Blossoms with Maggie Austin. Then, when you are ready to take your skills to the next level, check out Maggie’s newest course Decorating in Three Dimensions to add new elements to your designs.

Hunger Games wedding cake

Photo via Bluprint member andy la dulce

Hunger Games wedding cake

This fabulous Hunger Games cake was created by Bluprint member andy la dulce of Happy Cupcake for a wedding! The four tiers of the centerpiece cake were pristinely covered in black fondant, while the perimeter of each layer is engulfed with amazing isomalt flames in orange, yellow and red hues. The iconic Mockingjay pin sits atop the cake, while a life-size arrow cuts through the center of the incredible cake.

To learn to work with isomalt (a sugar substitute), enroll in the same course andy la dulce took to create the flames on this cake: Intro to Isomalt with Charity Pykles-George. From jewels to flowers to spheres, Charity demonstrates the techniques necessary to cook and work with this medium and achieve these shapes.

Who is your favorite character in The Hunger Games?!

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