9 Hand-Sewn Hats For Every Season

Have you ever tried to sew a hat? It’s an awesome, quick project you can tackle even if you’re just starting your sewing journey. It’s highly satisfying because it usually comes together in a jiffy and you don’t have to take many measurements: Just take your head circumference and you’re done!

From classic to sporty and timeless to practical, we’ve gathered 10 styles to inspire your next project. 

1. Ponytail Bucket

Have you ever wanted to wear a hat while wearing your hair up? Here is the solution! This hat features a hole strategically placed to let your ponytail out, without compromising the sun coverage at the back neck. Even better, it’s closed with snaps so it can be completely reversible: two sun hats for the price of one!

2. Funnel hat 

If you love classic films, this hat style should remind you of the iconic Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It’s stylish and practical as it hides two hair combs to securely keep it in place. This is also perfect on a sunny day because of the wide brim! 

3. Sun and Rain Foldable Hat 

Not only can hats be style pieces, but they can also be functional! This hat is foldable, so it fits perfectly in a purse for when it rains and you don’t want to bring an umbrella with you. A fun idea for this pattern would be using denim and adding contrasting topstitching coordinated with a neon lining for a pop of color.

4. Wool Beanie From a Sweater

Refashioning a sweater into a beanie is really easy: Sew it using a regular zig-zag stitch or a four-thread overlock seam. I suggest that you consider doing it by hand, especially if you’re refashioning a chunky sweater that might get eaten by your machine.

5. Flat Cap Top  

This fashionable hat pattern comes in three different sizes. It’s not lined but includes instructions about how to bind the seam allowances so it’s perfectly finished on the inside. Design your own flat cap top by playing with different fabrics, or make it a statement by using a black velvet for the whole cap and adding a trim as a front decoration.

6. Vintage turban

Here’s a ’40s housewife classic hat: the turban! Included with this pattern is a video that shows you how to wrap it around your head (so easy!). It’s drafted in three sizes for a custom fit. You can make it lighter or warmer depending on your knit fabric choices, so it’s perfect for any season.

7. 1920s Cloche Hat

The romantic cloche is another classic, vintage hat. This pattern includes instructions to get the right thickness with different types of fabric and aims to be so easy that anyone can sew it.

8. Reversible Bucket Hat

Do you prefer a pattern that you can use reuse for the whole family? This bucket hat pattern is great because the pattern includes sizes ranging from 18 months to adult. Add your personal touch by choosing coordinated fabrics and trims and you’ll get different hats every single time.

10. Chemo Headwear 

This is the perfect gift for someone in need. Sewn with love, you can personalize each one to bring a smile to their face. Have them pick their favorite fabric and surprise them with this thoughtful idea.

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