Fun Cakes For a Fantastic Celebration

Cakes come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, from sophisticated to sleek and elegant or feminine and floral. But some cakes just want to have fun! What follows is a collection of such cakes, which proves that cakes can be made with the utmost precision and skill yet still be as chock-full of whimsy and pure joy as they are of sugar and cream and butter. Guaranteed to inspire not only smiles but baking ideas, too!

fun cakes beehive
Photo via Chickabug
The Bee’s Knees: Though it’s sweet as honey, no bumblebees actually call this place home: it’s a cake! It’s easy to make using a cake mold, but the real charm is added in the detailing: as beautifully shown on, this version is frosted fairly simply in a pleasing yellow hue, then festooned with tiny bees and finished off with “honey” (actually corn syrup, according to the baker), making for an adorable end result.

fun cake candy land
Photo via CakeSpy
Candy Land: This cake, which was made by Wilton, is sort of like an edible version of the game Candy Land. It’s impossible not to smile when encountering a cake like this, which is festooned with bright gumdrops, candies, lollipops and ice cream cones all made from rolled fondant.

fun cake unicorn cake
Photo via Amanda Oakleaf Cakes
Unicornucopia of Sweetness: If you are what you eat, then be magical and sweet! This cake, by Amanda Oakleaf, is chock-full of sweetness. Created as a custom request for a Lisa Frank-themed cake, this fanciful dessert includes a vivid sky scene with a gorgeous gradient leading to a cloud border on the bottom, and is topped with a most majestic unicorn.

rainbow star tip
Photo via Mirror Mirror Blog
Taste the Rainbow: Using a star tip to pipe small dots of various sherbet hues is a fairly easy, if time consuming decorating project, but as you can see by Mirror Mirror’s example, one that has a beautiful outcome. The combined result is a busy, bustling cake which has a high “wow” factor, and is a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth.

fun cakes heart cake
Photo via Wild Orchid Baking
Sweet Love: Once again, a simple effect repeated over and over adds up to a breathtaking beauty of a baked good. This cake by Wild Orchid Baking proves that even a simple heart design can have fun when repeated in a cascading rainbow of colors!

cookie cake

Photo via A Party Style
Cookie Monster: Cake’s on the menu but cookies are on your mind. That’s ok with a cake like this one by A Party Style, which is dedicated to the love of cookies. This chocolate frosted cake is cleverly topped with small cakes cut and decorated to look like chocolate chip cookies, and then is lined on the sides with cutouts of fondant milk bottles. It even has some real cookies, too! Though created for a child’s birthday party, this cake delights all ages.

Tasty Freeze: What goes better with cake than ice cream? For a cake that is easy to decorate and has an almost alarmingly delightful and adorable result, consider a soft-serve cake. Decorated with cones on the sides and puffs of frosting piped to look like chilly treats, this is an inspired idea and a sure-fire way to please a crowd.

doodle rainbow cake
Photo via Sweetapolita
Choose Your Own Adventure: The blog Sweetapolita presents a very fun cake idea with this Rainbow Doodle Cake. Why spend time decorating a cake when you can make it an activity at the party? Cover a cake in rolled fondant and supply edible markers (and some supervision, if kids are involved!) and you’ve got yourself a fun treat. Of course, this cake gets extra points for being a layered rainbow cake, too.

Mustache Cake
Photo via Pinterest
I Mustache You a Question: Upon first glance, this cake (spied on Pinterest) may strike you as extremely sophisticated and polished–because it is all of those things. But as you look closer, you notice the irreverent touch that makes it a little different: a mustache stenciled on the front! This cake is proof that even an elegant cake can come with a wink and a smile, and that even the fanciest of affairs need not be too serious.

Now it’s your turn! What kind of fun cakes are you looking forward to making?

Be sure to come back to the Bluprint blog tomorrow to learn how to make fondant bows and ribbons: the perfect embellishments for any cake.

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