Figure Drawing: An Essential Guide

Learn how to draw figures using classical techniques for rendering from live models! With Watwood’s guidance, you’ll progress from a simple block-in sketch to a gestural drawing to a polished piece with depth and dimension. Learn how to set up and light a live model, and how to use graphite pencil and simple angles to create an accurate outline for any figure. Add lifelike energy as you incorporate gestural lines, then carve out the form with hatching, shading, and highlighting techniques. As a bonus, Watwood will show you how to create custom toned papers to add a unique touch to your work.

Class Preview

Introduction to Figure Drawing

Meet Watwood, discover the atelier system and learn about additive and subtractive drawing techniques.

Blocking in the Drawing

Gain an overview of how to create an envelope to place the figure on the page, and begin blocking in your drawing.

Gesture & Contour

Learn how to observe and capture the energy of gesture, and start refining contour lines.

Light & Shadow

Develop form by adding light and shadow using white chalk, crosshatching and other beautiful drawing techniques.

Refining Expression

Assessing the drawing as a whole, learn to define and enhance the focus of your work with contour lines, clean erasures and other finishing techniques.

Custom Paper and Materials

In this bonus lesson, you’ll work with watercolors to create custom-toned paper that’s tailored to the size and color scheme you prefer.

Bonus Downloads:

Figure Drawing – Supplies and Resources

Figure Drawing – Reference Images

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