Trending Now: See What’s Hot in Machine Embroidery

Check out these designs and discover what is popular in machine embroidery with six trends that you don’t want to miss!

6 machine embroidery techniques that are trending now:

1. Glitter & glisten

Love Bug glitter vinyl applique

Photo via Craftsy member Crazy For Appliqués.

Glitter flex vinyl is a hot trend in appliqué embroidery. It can be laundered, is soft to touch, and adds a pop of sparkle to make the ordinary extraordinary. Read more about glitter flex vinyl here.

Machine Embroidery Hummingbird

Photo via Craftsy member Sanity’s Machine Embroidery Designs

Mylar is another product that adds a shimmering touch to appliqué and light-stitch designs.

Ballerina Dance PES Machine Embroidery 

Photo via Craftsy member Edies Designs

In the absence of glitter vinyl and Mylar, a variety of special occasion fabrics, like lacy metallic, can be used with appliqué designs.

2. Split designs

Split Monograms Machine Embroidery

Photo via Craftsy member Edies Designs

Both monograms and names are popular additions to split embroidery designs.

Split Rubber Ducky Applique Embroidery

Photo via Craftsy member Appliqué Geek

These designs allow stitchers to easily customize machine embroidery for towels, pillows, shirts, and more!

3. Subway art

Machine Embroidery Subway Art

Photo via Craftsy member Carole Baker Designs

Subway art is a collage of related words, in various fonts, arranged horizontally and vertically.

4. Anything In the hoop

In the Hoop Small Owl Wristlet

Photo via Cratftsy member EmbGarden

You name it, and it probably can be embroidered in the hoop (ITH). Whether it is wristlets or purses, this will be the easiest zipper you have ever stitched!

 Monogrammed Mug Rugs In the Hoop

Photo via Craftsy member Pickle Pie Designs

ITH designs may look complicated but are extremely easy to create and require little to no finishing work, like these cute mug rugs.

 Pinwheel Hair Clippie ITH

Photo via Craftsy member EmbGarden

Hair clippies are another hugely popular ITH project. 

5. Faux smocking

Cherry Hearts Faux Smock Design

Photo via Craftsy member Baby Kay’s Appliques

The time involved in creating heirloom techniques has been greatly improved with the embroidery machine.  No more pleating, now there is an even easier method for simulating smocking.

6. 3-D

 3D Daffodil String Light Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member Embroidershoppe

Some pretty spectacular three-dimensional designs can be stitched on an embroidery machine. One trend is decorative fairy lights with 3D embroidery. These lights are accented by beautiful organza flowers.

 Lavender and Butterfly Pillow

Photo via Craftsy member Embroidershoppe.

Adding a layer of butterfly wings to this gorgeous embroidered lavender pillow gives the piece depth and interest.

 3D Ribbon Seahorse Applique Design

Photo via Craftsy member

Baby Kay’s Appliqués

Adding ribbon loops to an appliqué design makes this adorable seahorse shirt even more fun!

What is your favorite machine embroidery trend?

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