Dress Up Your Stemware With DIY Wine Charms

These cute DIY wine charms are not just fun — they’re functional too! Whip up a batch before your next party to help your guests from getting their glasses mixed up. They also make great gifts! 

"Cheers" Wine Charm

How to make wine charms

materials for DIY wine charms

Supplies you will need:

  • Metal stamping pendants 
  • Jump rings
  • Round ear wire hoops
  • Pliers
  • Alphabet stamping set with letters small enough to fit your pendant
  • Metal stamping block
  • Hammer
  • Pencil

Step 1: Decide what words you’ll stamp on your wine charms

So here is the fun part: what are you going to stamp? Try to think of a group of words that work together. An easy place to start is by using first names. This can really personalize a party. Then your family or guests can take the wine charms home with them as a fun party favor. You could think about using hobbies or professions as words to stamp – writer, painter, poet, dreamer, lover, etc. If the party is a wine and cheese party, try using descriptive wine terms such as dry, sweet, fruity, nutty, lively or elegant. If the wine charms are for a holiday party, you can use traditional holiday words such as peace, love, joy, etc. Or sassy the words up – yes, no, maybe, no way, sure, and hmmm can be fun conversation starters.

Step 2: Start stamping

stamping the wine charms

I like to use very light pencil marks to chart out the individual letters of the word first. It gives me a guideline as to where to position the metal stamp. These pencil marks wipe away easily after stamping. I also use a piece of tape at the top (and bottom of larger pendants) to hold the pendant in place.

Start stamping in the middle of the pendant and work your way out to the sides to help center the words. Hold the metal stamp vertically and firmly at its base and hold it perpendicular to the charm. Give the metal stamp a light but firm whack on the head with a hammer. Don’t hit the pendant too hard because you could crack the it if you are using pendants made from soft pewter. If you don’t hit it hard enough, you can sometimes “feel” the grooves of what you just stamped and try and hit it again a little harder. But, be warned, sometimes double stamping creates a shadow of the letter if it is not exactly aligned.

And don’t be upset if it’s not perfect the first time. Generally it’s not. I encourage you to buy some extra charms so you can practice stamping on the front and back before starting on your final set of DIY wine charms.

Step 3: Add a jump ring

adding a jump ring to the charm

Open a jump ring with a pair of pliers and slide the wine charm onto the jump ring. Close the jump ring.

Step 4: Add the ear wires

hold the ear wire

Using pliers, hold the ear wire about 1/4″ away from the end of the wire.

bend ear wire up

Bend the end of the ear wire straight up.

Slide the jump ring onto the ear wire and close the ear wire by sliding the end of the ear wire into the hole.

cheers wine charms

Looking for a fun party idea? Throw a DIY wine charm party for all of your friends. You can set up a little wine charm making station, and let your guests make their own. 


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