Discover the Most Generous Cities in America

‘Tis the season of giving! And, its clear that many of you are already feeling the holiday spirit, according to the results of our recent survey of 10,000 passionate makers across the country.

Find out if your city made the list of America’s most generous, below!

Our survey revealed that the Manchester, NH area ranked the highest for overall generosity. We tracked responses from over 700 cities and rated the generosity of each city based on the frequency of and propensity for gift giving.

Additionally, 75% of Manchester respondents reported that they appreciate handmade gifts more than store-bought gifts. We found that this sentiment is reflected in the overall survey results, which didn’t surprise us: the Bluprint community shows us every day how truly special and heartfelt a handmade gift can be!

Port St. Lucie, FL; Spokane, WA; Worcester, MA; and Virginia Beach, VA round out the top five most generous cities.

Here’s more of what we found:

• Makers in San Juan, Puerto Rico create the most handmade projects – seven per month. That’s a lot of crafting!
• In Birmingham, Alabama, makers tend to spend the most on creating handmade gifts: an average of $132 per month.
• Makers in Virginia Beach, Virginia spend, on average, ten hours per week on handmade projects.
• To whom do makers in Port St. Lucie, Florida gift 28% of their creations to? Their pets! Our furry friends love gifts, too.

Of course, we already knew that you’re a benevolent bunch – whether your craft of choice is cake decorating, photography, cooking, knitting or quilting – many of you share the gifts you create through class discussions. We know your friends, family and loved ones appreciate the time it takes to create a gift from the heart, not just this time of year, but all year long.

Check out our infographic showcasing even more fun facts about makers across the country, and the full ranking of the top 50 cities below!

Most Generous Cities

1. Manchester, New Hampshire
2. Port St. Lucie, Florida
3. Spokane, Washington
4. Worcester, Massachusetts
5. Virginia Beach, Virginia
6. Bakersfield, California
7. Little Rock, Arkansas
8. Lincoln, Nebraska
9. Bradenton, Florida
10. Colorado Springs, Colorado
11. Nashville, Tennessee
12. New York, New York
13. Memphis, Tennessee
14. Tulsa, Oklahoma
15. Boise City, Idaho
16. Miami, Florida
17. Portland, Maine
18. Asheville, North Carolina
19. Salem, Oregon
20. Grand Rapids, Michigan
21. Norwalk, Connecticut
22. Albany, New York
23. Sacramento, California
24. Seattle, Washington
25. Portland, Oregon
26. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
27. Denver, Colorado
28. Raleigh, North Carolina
29. Lakeland, Florida
30. Omaha, Nebraska
31. Riverside, California
32. Richmond, Virginia
33. Albuquerque, New Mexico
34. Charleston, South Carolina
35. San Antonio, Texas
36. Los Angeles, California
37. Eugene, Oregon
38. Phoenix, Arizona
39. Green Bay, Wisconsin
40. Fresno, California
41. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
42. Houston, Texas
43. Knoxville, Tennessee
44. Deltona, Florida
45. Boston, Massachusetts
46. Atlanta, Georgia
47. New Haven, Connecticut
48. Anchorage, Alaska
49. Orlando, Florida
50. Dayton, Ohio

Are you surprised by our findings? What will you make for your loved ones this holiday season?

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