These Dinosaur Cake Toppers Are Too Cute to Be Scary!

Get ready for your next adorable cake project: this super easy dinosaur cake topper tutorial! It’s perfect for a dino-themed birthday cake or nestled onto frosted cupcakes. I’m sure you’re going to love making your own cute dinosaur cake topper — read on to find out how!

Dinosaur fondant figure tutorial by Juniper Cakery

The dinosaur featured in this tutorial is a cartoon-style Triceratops perched on some fondant rocks.

How to make an easy dinosaur cake topper

What you need:

  • Gum paste (brown, gray and white)
  • Silicone rolling pin
  • Edible glue
  • Uncooked spaghetti stick
  • Black sugar pearls
  • Small and medium ball tool
  • Veining tool
  • Pink petal dust

Step 1: Make the fondant rocks

Easy dinosaur cake topper tutorial

To create the rocky surface for your dinosaur to sit on, make varying sized balls of gray fondant and stick them together with a little edible glue.

Create a fondant dinosaur

Once all the rocks are arranged, lightly roll over the surface with small silicone rolling pin. This will help create a flatter, more even surface for your topper to sit on.

Step 2: Make the dinosaur’s body

Gum paste dinosaur tutorial

To begin making the dinosaur, start by forming a teardrop-shaped piece of brown gum paste. Elongate the tapered end so that it can become the dinosaur’s tail. Curve the tail section around so that it sits to the side at the back of the figure.

Step 3: Make the dinosaur’s legs

For the back legs, create two smaller teardrop shapes from brown fondant and flatten the fatter end slightly. Curve these to fit the sides of your dinosaur’s body.

How to make a dinosaur cake topper from gum paste

Use your small ball tool to indent circles for the dinosaur’s toenails.

Make the front legs the same way, but create slightly longer legs that will stand at around the same height of the body. Remember to indent the toenail sections, too.

Gum paste triceratops dinosaur topper tutorial

Roll tiny pieces of white gum paste into little balls and attach them to the toenail indentations with a little bit of edible glue.

Step 4: Make the dinosaur’s head

Before your actually make the head, insert an uncooked spaghetti stick into your dinosaur where you’d like it’s head to sit.

Adorable dinosaur cake topper tutorial

To make the head, roll a ball of brown gum paste into a rounded cone shape.

Next, we’ll make the Triceratops’s “crown.” You want to make sure that the crown sits toward the top and back of the head, as in the image below. Too far forward and you’ll have a lot less room for your dinosaur’s cute face!

Discover how to make a dinosaur cupcake topper

To do this, use a medium ball tool to gently push sections of the head outward (the palm of your hand should support it underneath).

Step 5: Add the dinosaur’s facial features

Sweet triceratops dinosaur cake topper tutorial

Now it’s time to add in the details! Use a small ball tool to indent eye sockets; then attach black sugar pearls with a little edible glue.

Use the thin, sharper end of a veining tool to create nostrils.

Make three small horns with a bit of white gum paste. Use some edible glue to place one between the nose and two above the eyes.

For a super cute look, use a food-safe paintbrush and pink petal dust to add a touch of blush on the dinosaur’s cheeks.

Step 6: Attach the head to the body

Learn how to create a cute little dinosaur cupcake or cake topper

Add some edible glue onto the spaghetti stick that’s in the dinosaur’s body. Gently slide the head onto the spaghetti stick and on top of the body.

Cute dinosaur cake figure how-to

One of the best things about this cute dinosaur cake topper? It’s perfect alongside a giant T-Rex cake! Check out Catherine Ruehle’s Cake-osaurus Rex class to make a whole dessert table full of friendly (and fierce) dinosaur treats.

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