Craftsy offers $5,000 Reward for Return of Lost Quilt

Have you seen this quilt? 

We are offering a $5000 reward for its return.

If you have any information as to its whereabouts, contact immediately. Most importantly, spread the word! Click the “tweet” and “like” buttons above to let all of your friends know about this tragic loss, and how they can help in Kaaterskill’s recovery.  If you’ve got a blog, let your readers know about Kaaterskill, and link back to us.

Here’s what happened: As any artist knows, a work of art is a piece of the soul, and there’s a piece of Janet Atkins’ soul that’s mysteriously gone missing. “It hurts a lot not to know where it is, and I’d really like to see it back,” Janet Atkins, creator of the award-winning quilt “Kaaterskill,” tells the camera in a brief interview with The Times Union. Janet’s quilt was lost earlier this year after winning numerous awards and gracing the cover of Golden, Colorado-based Quilters Newsletter for its June/July issue. The quilt was last seen on Feb. 16, when it was picked up by a UPS driver at the Golden, Colo., office of Quilters Newsletter after a photo shoot.  The package is reported to have been picked up, but not scanned, and is now lost. To read more about the mysterious disappearance of this amazing work of art, see links below:

Four years in the making, the loss of this quilt is a tragedy for its creator. Janet Atkins has been crafting her entire life, starting with knitting and later moving into sewing.  She is a person who loves to work with her hands.  In fact, Kaaterskill was entirely made by hand.  The quilt is hand pieced, hand quilted, hand bound. Kaaterskill has come away with high honors from four juried shows, so far, including last year’s Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Virginia, best hand workmanship; the Quilt Odyssey in Hershey, Pa., best hand quilting; and the International Quilt Festival in Houston, where the quilt was awarded an overall third place for handmade quilts.  Click to read more about the amazing hand quilting that went into the creation of Kaaterskill.

We here at Bluprint can only imagine how heartbreaking it must be to lose such an irreplaceable labor of love.

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